Rivaling Kingdoms

Two kingdoms. Two stories. Learn about Cinderblade and Crystalwood in this thrilling fantasy adventure, featuring kings, queens, knights, princes, princesses, and castles. If you liked this story, be sure to take my quiz "What Character From "Rivaling Kingdoms" Are You?"

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Chapter 1.

Cinderblade's Past

Cinderblade started out as a small town containing a town hall, some straw houses, and many peasants. It was cramped, but life was good there. There were no kings or queens yet.
One day, a man came to town. He was riding in a large black wagon with large black horses. He was tough looking and very mean to the people of Cinderblade. He burned down their houses and farms. He introduced his wife, Mary. His name was Jonathan.
Jonathan became the king and Mary became the queen. They turned the town hall into a big, stone castle. All the peasants had to rebuild their farms and houses. Whenever they did something King Jonathan didn't like, the king would burn down their houses and they would have to start from scratch again.
Now, the peasants didn't like King Jonathan. They started coming up with a plan. The next time the king and queen went out on a journey, the peasants built a wall around the kingdom, fought the castle guards, and took over the castle. The king and queen couldn't get past the wall, so they had to go far, far away.
The new king and queen were named King Peter and Queen Beth. They used to be peasants in the town, but the people voted and Peter and Beth became the king and queen. They were nice to all of the peasants and were very fair. After ten years, the castle was strong and the town was big. The peasants were healthy and happy.
But then Peter and Beth died. They didn't have any children, so the peasants voted. It was decided that Beth's sister's child and Peter's brother's child were to get married and become the new king and queen. They were named Stephanie and Nathan.
King Nathan and Queen Stephanie were very mean. Even though they were only twenty years old, they challenged other kingdoms to battles. Soon, Cinderblade was very weak. The townspeople had to build their own houses and farms again.
Nathan and Stephanie had two kids, Steven and Kira. That's how they are today. Cinderblade is still not a happy place.
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