Pamphlet for the Mystical Academy for Witches and Wizards

This is a pamphlet that explains all about the teachers and classes of the Mystical Academy for Witches and Wizards. If you would like to join the school, please go to my page that is its home.

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Chapter 1.


There are many classes that one can take in this school. The first class is Elements.

Elements is a class that will teach you about the eight elements. There is Earth, Fire, Water, and Air as the four main elements. Light, Darkness, Healing, and Ice are the secondary elements. My story, Elements Textbook, is the starting textbook for the Elements class. Please read it if you join the Elements class. It is taught by me.

Decoding Dreams is a class that will educate you on the fine art of deciphering the meanings of your dreams. I teach the class, as I have had multiple strange experiences with my own dreams. There will be many small assignments in this class, climaxing with a large project. I'll elaborate on that when we reach it.

Mythical Creatures is a class that will teach you about the many fascinating mythical animals that dominate the magical realms. It will educate you on where to look for them, what their powers are, and what their dangers are. There are too many mythical creatures for me to list here, but you will learn about them in my class.

Magical Plants and Herbs is taught by Ella_swan. It will teach you all about the healing herbs and poisonous plants, so you will never get mixed up. I have made a Magical Plants and Herbs textbook, but that is only the starter one. Ella_swan has created a textbook that elaborates a bit more, and she might be adding even more chapters.

Potions is also taught by Ella_swan. It'll educate you on the fine art of potion making, along with the many types of potions and magical mixtures. Expect a textbook coming out soon, so you can start on that class. It will teach you how to brew many potions, along with their effects and disadvantages.

Spells is a class that will teach you the many spells that a witch or wizard can learn. Taught by Ella_swan, it's an intriguing class that educates you on the spells that go along with each element. She will make a textbook that elaborates on this. It's a wonderful class.
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