Legend Chickens Book 1: The Dance of Dagi

The Chicken Territory is being invaded by Cana's enemies, the guinea hens and the Legend Chickens have to fight them off. The hens think approaching the guineas with friendship is the best idea, but Sonata thinks otherwise. Read if your confused about all of the "LC" things I've made.

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Chapter 1.

When Fowl meets Fowl

Cana, the ruler of the Chicken Kingdom perched upon a branch in an old tree. Through leaves and twigs she watched two strange animals stride through the luscious green grass. This was not unusual. Animals pass through the area on a regular basis.
     The creatures suddenly sat down between two tree roots. This also happened occasionally. However, they never stayed this long. Cana sent two guards out to speak with the intruders. The guards returned, with many a feather missing. Apparently these fowl planned to stay.
      " The intruders are too large. We must call in a group of fighters. With a serious side, an aggressive side, a shy side and a positive side. A group with the confidence, the weapons, the talent to win. We need the Legend Chickens. "
    Cana strutted into the technology chamber. She hit a button, which lit up a screen. Sonata's face appeared on the screen. His silky slate and yellow feathers flowed freely, but were captured by his hood. Dagi pushed him out of the way. "Hiiii, Princess!" She exclaimed." Dagi, no time for games" "Especially when you may have just given our best warrior a concussion.", Airhorn Leghorn added. Sonata stood up and shook it off."There are some intruders trying to take over our kingdom. I need your help trying to defeat them." "OK, Cana. We'll do our best."
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