The Stones

The Stones

When a creepy new family moves into the house next the street, this girl's bravery is put to the test.

published on October 04, 201620 reads 6 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.
Mrs. Stone

Mrs. Stone

        I watched a small family move into the house across the street a few months back. We learnt they were called the Stones. They did not relate with the neighbors and seemed to love the dark, and the solitude of their house. We thought that to be weird and tried to engage them in conversations, but they looked at us like we were the walking dead. With time, we all learnt to live without disturbing them. They had the right to live their lives the way they wanted, as long as they did not break any laws.
        Some days I felt them stare at me from their windows as I went to school. I became scared and stole a look their way once in a while but they never batted an eyelid or took their gaze off me. They just stared. I told Father about the stares one night over dinner and he was angry. He stood from the dinner table, intending to walk over to their house but Mother stopped him. She would not allow that or allow Father to carry out his threats. She promised to talk with Mrs. Stone.
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Cliff hanger Hope there's going to be more!
on October 08, 2016