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I've Fallen for Us (A Vhope fanfic)
Taehyung is in love with Hoseok, his room mate and best friend. There's only three problems with this. Taehyungs scared to tell him, Hoseok is straight, but the major problem is Hoseok has a crush on a girl. It sucks to be in ...
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The Boxer
This is a story about fighting in the army. Hope you like it! Comment for more stories! ;)
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The Stones
When a creepy new family moves into the house next the street, this girl's bravery is put to the test.
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Top 7 unbelievable historical concurrencies
These are top 7 unbelievable historical concurrencies in history. These are backed up with evidence, so you can't prove me wrong.
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How to kill a Werewolf
You never know when a werewolf will come to your house. This is a guide so that you know how to kill it.
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What warrior cat are you? (Made-up cats)
This will show you what cat you will be from Warriors! These are all made up cats that depend on your name. I got the idea off of Lapis_Lazuli.
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