Lilly Anderson: Kidnapped!

This story is written from the point of view of a seven year old girl who's being kidnapped. Don't read this if you get sad easily, because the entire idea is sad. THIS STORY IS NOT TRUE!

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Chapter 1.

The Terrible Trick!

Hello, every person in the entire world! My name is Lilly Anderson, and I'm in second grade! I have blonde hair that sticks up and I wear pink all the time! This is the story of how I got to become the victim of a terrible trick!
It all started when I was on the computer one night. My daddy said I could play a game called Froggy Mania, so I did. But then a thing popped out that said "Free Money! Click here!"
Well, what was I supposed to do? I clicked it! I thought, boy, will Daddy sure be proud! His little girl got him some big bucks! So the thing took me to a big screen and on the screen was a box and it said for me to type in my address. So I typed it in. And then I clicked "Submit!"
And I waited for a few minutes, which is a very long time for Lilly Anderson to wait. Especially when she only has ten more minutes on the computer and she's nervous to get the money.
Finally, finally, finally the doorbell rang! So I jumped up and ran to the front door, and Daddy had already opened it. There was no one there. Daddy said something about some teenagers tricking us. But you know what? People trick other people when they say "Trick of treat!" So I ran out that door as fast as I possibly could and I looked for candy that someone probably hid. But there was no candy.
But all of a sudden, my head hurt! And I looked around, but someone pushed me to the ground! It must have been Jack Lantern that Mommy talks about on Halloween! She wants to carve him, always, so he must be very terrible! So I started to cry, and then I could only see black.
The next thing I remember, I woke up in a very dark space. I must have gone to sleep. But this didn't feel like my bed. It was bumpy and I could hear a growling that sounded like Tigger, our dog. And I felt something around my ankles that was like a rope! Maybe Daddy was playing a game with me. But then I remembered this: In Hide and Seek, when someone wants you to come out of your hidey hole, they say "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" And no one said that yet. So I have to stay in my hidey hole until someone says that.
All of a sudden, the growling that sounded like Tigger stopped. And I stopped being bumped around. That was enjoyable. But then there was light! And I saw a man that had a problem. He looked like he was wearing a hat on the bottom half of his head, because it was black. I was about to tell him what he was doing wrong when he grabbed me and dragged me out into light.
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