The Virginity Games

The Virginity Games

War. That's all i can say. It's war between the girl's at Crater Hook High School, and Sparks Keystone High School. Usually, The Virginity Games (V games) happened every year. Boys manipulate girls into having sex with them so they can win the games. But this year, it's all different. Since it's the tenth anniversary of The V Games the schools decided to go at war with each other. First group of girls to get each of the girls to lose their virginity wins.

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Chapter 1.
chapter 1

chapter 1

Author's note:

  Hey readers! So this my first book on here! YAY! Well i hope you really enjoy this book and stick around! BAII!
~Candy Cane

Chapter one

  I clawed his back shoulder and moaned in between his perfect kisses. He snaked his arm around my waist as he pulled me closer to his body. I furiously combed my fingers through his light brown hair.

  Who would've thought that I would fall for him?

  I slam my locker shut in front of Isabel's face.

"" I say. I tighten my arms grip around my books and push passed her.

"C'mon Cass! It'll be fun!" She yells after me. I could hear her footsteps run behind me. I turn around.

"No Isa! I am not going to this party which cops are most likely going to arrive!" I whisper-shout.


"Eh. I don't want to hear it"


"I'm not listening...Lalalalala..." I walk away with my fingers plugged in my ears. I keep strolling down the hallway waiting for my other friend, Jeremy.

"Jeremy!" I angrily yell as I spot him making out with a girl on a locker. I grab the collar of his shirt and drag him off the wh0re.

"What the hell Cass! I could've scored!" I roll my eyes.

"You are such a man wh0re! How could you host a party tonight!? What if the cops end up coming!?" At this point we were already in our private secret place- the janitor's closet. He rolls his eyes.

"I love you Cass, we've been friends since the 1st grade but you have to let me live! I can't be under your ass in the nest my whole life! Eventually I'm going to soar!"

"Soaring!?? Getting arrested for under age drinking and ODing is not soaring!"

"I'm not your problem! You can either come or don't come, either way, the party is going on!" He storms out of the closet. I was standing there debating whether I should go or not...
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Comments (6)

This is super cool!
And good job on the unique storyline!
(I dunno why but when I read the title all I thought of was the Hunger games)
on May 08, 2018
PLZ UPDATE! I BEG OF YOU! :Throws bag of tomatoes across the Pacific Ocean: THERE! NO TOMATOES! Can you update it now?
on April 19, 2017
More please please please
on November 06, 2015
I want more! this story rocks!!!
on November 05, 2014
More! (:
on May 28, 2014
Whoaa o_o good yet rudish xD
on May 21, 2014