Star Romance

Star Romance

Ever wondered what lurks in the dark or how about space? Well Miranda never imagined a life away from home. At age ten, her family and the other people like her left their home planet of Ultra because of a evil darkness planning to take control of them. Ultrians are very special people who have different abilities than humans. Miranda is the princess of the Ultrians and is wanted by the darkness for her power that she is unable to control. For six years, she has been told to hide who she is, but a rebellious boy, Damian, causes her to try a adventurous side. Now Miranda is falling for this mysterious guy while the darkness is coming after her. Miranda has a chance to be her self instead of the perfect girl everyone wants her to be for possibly a price.

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Chapter 1.
First Day

First Day

The bright yellow sun beamed into my closed green eyes from my window. Raising my body up, I stretched my pale arms in the air and placed them down beside me. Glaring around the room, I still was not used to this place. The closet was on the side and contained all my clothes but behind the normal human clothes was the dresses I wish I could wear. Those clothes were not considered human appropriate to my father, so I was not aloud to wear them. Beside my single bed was a dresser with a picture of my mother, my father, my younger brother and sister, and me. On arrival day, we were not aloud to bring any thing from Ultra with us, so I had no pictures of us when I was little. In the dresser was make up, hair products, and anything a normal teen girl would need. The walls were some neon blue color with neon green poka dots on them while the carpet was white. On the other side of the wall was a long mirror. By my bed was a long window that woke me  up.

Twisting out of bed, I looked at myself at the mirror. Unlike humans, Ultrians did not have pupils but our eyes kind of looked like sparkles. Going to the dresser, I pulled out the straightener, plugged it up, and then grabbed some makeup. Walking to my closet, I opened it and grabbed a frilly flow red top with spaghetti straps and low sleeves, blue jean shorts rolled up on the bottom, a red headband, and red pumps. Looking in the mirror, I grabbed some white powder foundation and rubbed it on my face. Next, I brushed a light shade of brown blush on my cheeks. Then, I grabbed a brown shade of eye shadow and placed it on my eyelid and a purple shade right about the brown eye shadow. After that, I placed black eyeliner on the top of my eyes and mascara on the eyelashes. Finally, I put a light shade of pink lipstick on. Grabbing the straightener, I straightened ever strand of my hair. When I finished, I placed the headband in the middle making my bangs flare out. Running to the bed, I took my pajamas off and placed the clothes on my bed on.

Glaring at the mirror, I felt ready to conquer my first day as a junior at Louisville High School. This year was going to be different! I could feel it in my bones. While I was looking at my appearance, I noticed I did not put in my contacts. Opening the dresser, I grabbed the contact case and placed the contacts in my eyes. Finally, I was ready to go. I opened the door to my room and ran down the stairs into the kitchen. When I arrived, my mother was making bacon on the stove. My mother's brown hair laid gracefully on her shoulders while her loose clothes sat on her pale body. Father sat on table reading a newspaper while he pushed his black hair out of his blue eyes. Devin, my younger brother, was sitting by my father eating sausage and eggs. Pushing his black hair at of his face, his green eyes glared at me.

"You got dressed up really pretty!" (Devin)
"I have to." (Me)
"She looks beautiful. Call me when you leave school." (Father)
"How daddy? I have no phone?" (Me)
"Well now you do." (Father)

Raising his hand up, father was holding a black iPhone 5S in his hand. My smile grow as I ran beside him grabbing the phone and kissing him on the cheek.

"Your mother and my number is already programmed into the phone." (Father)
"Thank you, daddy!!" (Me)
"Now. Sit down and eat." (Mother)

My mother set a plate of eggs and bacon on my plate with a glass of sweet tea. Smiling brightly, I ate the delicious food on my plate.

"Where is Lucy?" (Me)
"She was not hungry, so she is in her room."
"Well I am done. Are you sis?" (Devin)
"I am. Go get Lucy." (Me)

Devin jumped out of the chair and ran up stairs. Gracefully, I got out of my seat and walked to the front door. Beside the wooden front door was a rack of keys. Grabbing my car keys, I walked outside and jumped into my red Dodge Charger. When you father controlled half of the businesses in town, it had it's purks. Even though I had a nice car, our house was not very big, but I am used to living in a castle. Looking at my hands, I could not believe we had to leave Ultra. The planet was beautiful and swarming with life. Why did we leave? While I was thinking, Devin and Lucy jumped in the back seat. Lucy'a brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail while her blue eyes stared at me. Both my siblings were wearing red tee-shirts and blue jean pants/ Smiling, I pulled out of the driveway. Driving on the road, I knew the time was coming. On the first day of school, I had to lay the rules down for the freshman Ultrians. Some would listen, and others would ignore me.

Pulling into the driveway, I got my spot in the back where I normally parked, but instead of the bright red sports car that normally pulled up beside me, a black jacked up F-250 parked beside me. Glaring at the truck, I began to fall in love with this vehicle. Looking near the driver side seat, I noticed a blonde medium haired, fair skinned boy sitting in the driver's seat. His black jacket collar was pulled up a little with yellow patterns on it. Then, our eyes met. The boy's eyes were dark green like mine and felt like I was drifting away. This boy appeared to be too old to be a freshman, so he must be a human. Staring at the boy caused me to lose control of myself, and the glass on the light like in front of our cars broke. Glass fell down on the ground and spread into more pieces. Snapping back to normal, I began walking out of my car, locking the door, and making my way to my homeroom.

"Hey girl in the red." (Boy)
"Me?" (Me)
"No the other girl who is out here of course you." (Boy)
"What do you want?" (Me)
"Nice car." (Boy)
"Thank you." (Me)
"Oh and it is not nice to stare." (Boy)

Rolling my eyes, I did not have nothing to say to him. The boy was strange, and he talked low and distant. Entering the glass door, I made my way down the hallway. The hallway was full of teenagers standing by each other talking and carrying on about summer activities that did. Each group would be placed together on sides on the hallway. One group would be the jocks who normally talked to everyone around them. The girls who followed them were the cheerleaders. They have a name, but I do not like to call them that. Another group was the nerds who enjoyed talking to me about new books they are reading. Next was the Utrians who were spread out everywhere. Normally, the groups were in age group form. After that was the goths who I would attempt to cheer up, but it worked some days. Other days, they would yell at me to leave. The next group was the rebels which excited me to most. They did not care what anyone thought about them and did whatever they wanted. The last group was the people who were in the alien club. This club was the most hilarious because they believed aliens have green skin and large black eyes. Not True. Well as for me and a lot of other people, I would not consider my self in any group. I had friends all around school, but I enjoyed staying in my little group of friends. Unlike everyone else's group of friends, mine are the children of the Ultra council. We have always been together since we were born. School was always very interesting to me, and something was always happening.

Walking into homeroom, there were only five people in there (two girls, three boys). The desks were lined five rooms and three columns. There were posters on the sides of the walls, a marker board in front of the room, and a desk in front of the classroom with papers on the desk. The two girls set beside a empty desk while the boys seat in the three desks in front of them. These people were my friends. On the right side of the empty desk was Kloey. Kloey's blonde hair laid on her covered up shoulder. While she was wearing a pink frilly shirt, a black short skirt, and black Tom's, her blue eyes shinned brightly at the dude in front of her. The dude in front of Kloey had black slick medium lengthen hair with brown eyes. Wearing a tight black under armor shirt, buckle pants, and Nike shoes, Nick smiled brightly at me with his welcoming smile. Beside Nick was a blonde haired blue eyed boy wearing a red Aeropostale shirt, black blue jean pants, and tan cowboy boots. Ren glared at me with his eyebrows cocked up. Next to Ren was a red haired green eyed boy wearing a blue American Eagle shirt, blue jean shorts, and tan flip flops. David glared at me with a bright smile. Behind David was Regina. Her curly black hair laid on her white spaghetti strap as her white summer dress stayed tight on her figure with black pumps on her feet. Her brown eyes stared at Ren continuously as I made my way to my friends.

Walking to the empty desk between the girls, Ren whistled at me. I rolled my eyes and pulled my phone out of my back pocket.

"Look what I finally got." (Me)
"Took them long enough." (Regina)
"Pass it around let's put our numbers in it." (Kloey grabbing my phone)
"So how did the princess get out in that outfit?" (Ren)
"Easy. Dad did not say anything." (Me)
"Ha. Big bad king letting his daughter out in that. Maybe he is trying to tell you something." (Ren)
"Oh, Ren if she wants a boyfriend, she will find a Ultrian guy." (Kloey)
"Did y'all hear about the Ultrian girl who got pregnant by the human boy?" (Regina)
"Wonderful more half breeds." (Nick)
"Now Nick, they are like us just without powers and eyes. Father knew this would happen when we moved here." (Me)
"Then why did we move here? No one tells us. Now we have half breeds running around." (Nick)
"None of us know. The king and queen have their reasons for making people not tell us." (Ren)
"Shhh. Other students are coming in." (Regina)
"Well did y'all hear about the bonfire tonight?" (David)
"No. Are we going?" (Me)
"We are supposed to act like humans." (Nick)
"Then let's go! I will pick you up at 8, Miranda." (Ren)
"Sounds great, Renie!" (Me then everyone laughs)
"Don't call me that! We ain't kids any more." (Ren blushing)

Students began to pile in the classroom. Then, Ms. Mabel walked in. Her black hair was placed in a bun on her head. Her brown eyes glared at all her students while she smoothed her purple loose dress with her dark skinned hand. Ms. Mabel was able to go to college when we first arrived and became a teacher. In Ultra, she was my maid, but it made me so happy to see her doing something else.

"Good morning class. I hoped y'all enjoyed the summer. In addition to the good news, we have a new student. His name is Damian Marshall." (Ms. Mabel)

When Ms. Mabel said that, a boy with blonde hair and green eyes walked into the room. His black jacket was long on the bottom with dark yellow symbols on the sides and collar. The shirt was black, and his pants were black with black boots. Our green eyes met each other as I felt my heart melt. Whatever this boy made me feel, I liked it, but I knew this feeling had to disappear.
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