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Just a page for me to post drawings and random pictures. You don't have to subscribe or anytime
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All About CreepyPasta
will post pictures of the many different CreepyPasta's, and if you want to read a story of one of the characters, I will post just ask! Also, Roleplaying is Available! Post your character's details, pictures, and backstory. Jus...
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OC's Needed For New Story! :)
It is called Internet Wars! The form for your oc will be on the page along with what the story is about! Dabble into your imagination and have fun with your character!
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OCs needed for Horror Story! :)
I am writing a Horror story about a group of teenage friends. I would like to get started on this ASAP and get most of it done by Halloween. If you are interested, pleas put Name: Appearance: (would love a picture if you don't ...
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