The Train Station

The Train Station

This is a story that was assigned for homework at my school. I really liked it and i decided to publish it on here! Hope you like it!

published on November 21, 201544 reads 9 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

The year was 1958. 13 year old John Philip, 11 year old Marie, and their mother were driving to the train station to say goodbye to their father. He was going to be going on a month long trip for work and he was already at the train station getting ready to board. "Mom, why does dad have to leave? I don't want him to go," said Marie in a sad voice. "I already told you, Marie. He's going on a business trip. He'll be back in a month, and besides, we need the money," said their mother.
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Nice story!
on November 26, 2015
on November 24, 2015