Percy Jackson-Skype Group Convo

Percy Jackson-Skype Group Convo

This is what it would look like if the gods and demigods of Percy Jackson were all having a group convo on Skype.

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(Just use your common sense to figure out who is who)

Seaweed_Brain:  Anyone on?
EpicFisherman: Yh
Wise_Girl: Poseidon...?
EpicFisherman: Yes?
Wise_Gril: Nothing
WineDude: Party convo?
TheBossMan: No.
WineDude:  Awwwww
HaikuMaster: We can have a party convo if u want D
WineDude:  YAY
Huntress:  NO!
WineDude:  Youre no fun
Huntress: So ive heard
EatYourCereal: I wasnt invited...?  :(
CerealFreakJr:  Nobody likes u
~EatYourCereal left the chat~
GhostKing: Good.  Shes gone
Ghost_Prince: awkward...
TeamLeo: ?????
Ghost_Prince: nvm
Hazel: ?
Seaweed_Brain:  Hazel?  You know the internet exists?????!!!!!
Wise_Girl: Dont be mean
Hazel:  I am so confused
Hazel: Just push buttons with letters to make words, and read what people are saying
Piper: ??????  Is hazel talking to herself
Hazel: No.  Its Frank.  I made hazel an account.  this is funny.
Team_Leo: Yes.  Yes it is.
TheForger:  No.  No its not.
<3LoveLove<3:  Awwwww!  Is Franks hand on Hazel's to help her move the mouse...??? <3
Hazel:  NO
Hazel: yes
Hazel: So now you type by yourself
Hazel: Sorry
WineDude: No party then..?
Huntress:  NO!  FOR THE LAST TIME!
~WineDude left the chat~
HaikuMaster: Great job sis.  he was the life of the party.
Huntress:  ITS NOT A PARTY!
~Huntress left the chat~
HaikuMaster:  Finally
~HaikuMaster invited WineDude into the chat~
TheBossMan: 0.0
HaikuMaster: ????
~TheBossMan lleft the chat~
WineDude: I hope that doesnt have to do with us
GhostKing:  It always does
CerealFreakJr: *sigh*
~CerealFreakJr left the chat~
~GhostKing left the chat~
~WineDude left the chat~
TheForger: *sigh*
~TheForger left the chat~
<3LoveLove<3:  Bye Bye sweeties! *kiss*
~<3LoveLove<3 left the chat~
Piper: *embarrassed*
Team_Leo: ur mom is so weird
Piper: ik
Ghost_Prince:  she really is.  and i dont think she likes me
~Ghost_Prince left the chat~
Hazel:  Hello?
Wise_Girl: hi
Seaweed_Brain: hi
Piper: hi
Team_Leo:  ALOHA muchochachos *laughs at bad spanish*
Hazel: ...
Hazel:  okay then...
TeddyBearKiller:   >:D
~TeddyBearKiller left the chat~
Seaweed_Brain: Who let Octavian in this chat!!????
Wise_Girl:   ....
~Wise_Girl left the chat~
Seaweed_Brain:  Well then.
Team_Leo:  I did
Seaweed_Brain:  Then why...
~Team_Leo left the chat~
Hazel: ok...
~Hazel left the chat~
Piper:  I was bored, but not this bored.
~Piper left the chat~
Seaweed_Brain:  Anyone still here?
HaikuMaster:  ME!
Seaweed_Brain:  Didn't all the gods leave?
HaikuMaster:  nope
Seaweed_Brain: ...
Haiku master: ...
Seaweed_Brain:  I hate your sister
HaikuMaster: Me 2
~Seaweed_Brain left the chat~
~HaikuMaster left the chat~
EpicFisherman: Hello?
EpicFisherman: 0.0
~EpicFisherman left the chat~
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Comments (7)

on July 01, 2014
HAHA! Write more!!
on July 01, 2014
on July 01, 2014
Hahaha!!! Funny! You should write more chapters
i marked it as complete so ill write another story or something
on July 01, 2014
on July 01, 2014
Everyone just randomly left!!! What the heck?! XD I don't understand who the people are, but that's hilarious!!! XD Idk why!
yay lol
on July 01, 2014
on July 01, 2014