Undertale Song + Story !

Undertale Song + Story !

With this you will have an action packed story after a home written song! Hope you like

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Chapter 1.

The song!

Verse 1
This is my mountain I must clime on my own
This is my LIFe I must face my fears alone

Welcome a new day
When I saw fell down
I took
I fixed you

She my child
I was only trying to
Protect you

But then war broke out
I changed
And toke a genecide route

Commen sense forgotten
I don't if I'm strong enough to face this world alone
You were my only light
To see in the dark

Chara & Asriel
It's a lonely to walk down
When your life's all about
Transfixed on your own happiness
Those you care about
Stay shut out
You chose to ignore the feelings
Of the one's who'd love to share your dreams
So you live in the shadow and your friends leave
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