The Elemental Realms

This is a textbook/story that describes the eight realms of the elements - Light, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Healing, and Ice.

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The Elemental Realms
Chapter 1.

Earth and Water


Rolling green hills stretch in every direction. The grass is bright green. Sturdy oak trees reach up to the sky, and slim pine trees sway in the breeze. A meadow, filled with wildflowers, is home to many rabbits and squirrels. Deers prance around. All animals trust anyone who enters. The forest is thick, but golden sunlight filters in. The path is strewn with pine needles. During spring, the trees are covered in lime green buds that timidly open and let out pastel pink flowers. In summer, the sun burns in the sapphire sky, and daffodils blaze over the fields. In autumn, the trees are alight with golden browns and ruby red. During winter, the bare trees are coated with frost, and the rabbits bear coats of white.


A castle made of pearl stands strong under the sea. Sunlight reaches down and tickles the rainbow coral. Brightly colored fish dart in and out of the coral reefs. Merpeople dash through the windows and doors of the castle. The turquoise water glimmers with the sparkly sun. Parties are held every day. Laughter rings out in the rooms of the palace. Merpeople swim every which way, as far as the eye can see. Children play tag in the anemone fields, and mermaids sing their mournful songs on the rocks that protrude from the surface. Mermen delicately carve statues and sculptures for the castle's many rooms. Everyone is adorned with jewelry of pearls and coral.
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