The Life Of Cinderleaf

The Life Of Cinderleaf

This is a story about a Medicine Cat named Cinderleaf and how she is who she is. -- She has a lot of trouble coming for her in her life ahead. Will Starclan guide her through her life and help her? Or will the Dark Forest try to take her over? -- And when she meets a certain tom will the two fall in love? Or will they break apart and stay friends? -- You never know what might happen.

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Chapter 2.
But How? (Chapter 2)

But How? (Chapter 2)

It was noon and Cinderkit was now 5 moons (months) old. Cinderkit was asleep beside Silverears. Since Cinderkit had opened her eyes she has always thought that Silverears was her mother... Or at least that's what they thought. Silverears told Yellowclaw this a few weeks ago. Yellowclaw understood why though and she was not angry. Silverears and Yellowclaw were friends so why should Yellowclaw be angry? And Silverears told Yellowclaw that when Cinderkit opened her eyes, she looked blind. Of course, Cinderkit was taken to the Medicine Cat Den and when Yellowclaw looked at her eyes they did look blind, but when Cinderkit proved she was not blind Yellowclaw and Silverears were relieved.

~~Time Skip~~

Cinderkit was sitting down in camp watching everyone. She didn't fit in with the other kits. She knew it too. So she decided that it was a good idea to sneak out of camp.

A while after Cinderkit snuck out of camp, she came across a place with a lot of bushes full of herbs. She saw a silhouette sitting down counting the herbs that they got. Cinderkit took a step forward to try and see who it is when she accidentally stepped on a stick. Unfortunately for Cinderkit, the stick broke and the silhouette turned toward Cinderkit. It was Yellowclaw. "Mom?" Cinderkit said quietly, almost too quiet for Yellowclaw to here her. "What? No sweetie. I'm not your mother. Silverears is." Yellowclaw lied. It hurt Yellowclaw to lie to her kit, but she had to. "No she isn't... You are." Cinderkit said quietly once again. "I know your my mother... I won't tell. I promise." Cinderkit whispered. Yellowclaw sighed, knowing that it was no use to lie to Cinderkit anymore. "How did you find out?" Yellowclaw softly questioned her kit. "Well its kind of obvious... I mean I don't even look like Silverears, her mate, or her other kits." Cinderkit explained. 

After a while, ​​​​​Yellowclaw decided that she took Cinderkit back to camp. When they reached Thunderclan camp they were immediately questioned by Silverears. "Don't worry Silverears. Cinderkit's ok. And we don't have to hide it anymore," Yellowclaw said the other half quietly. "She knows already." "B-but how?!" Silverears questioned shocked. "They told me..." Cinderkit silently said not implying who told her. "Who told you?" Yellowclaw and Silverears asked Cinderkit. "Them... Starclan." Cinderkit said. Both mothers were shocked by her response.

(Pic is Yellowclaw)
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