The Life Of Cinderleaf

The Life Of Cinderleaf

This is a story about a Medicine Cat named Cinderleaf and how she is who she is. -- She has a lot of trouble coming for her in her life ahead. Will Starclan guide her through her life and help her? Or will the Dark Forest try to take her over? -- And when she meets a certain tom will the two fall in love? Or will they break apart and stay friends? -- You never know what might happen.

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Chapter 1.
Life Was Given To Her (Chapter 1)

Life Was Given To Her (Chapter 1)

Yellowclaw had just given birth to a she-cat and a tom. Unfortunately, the tom did not make it. But the little she-cat did. "You know you can't keep her, right?" Blackfang asked Yellowclaw sarcastically. You see, Blackfang and Yellowclaw are sisters, but they don't really get along. Especially now. "You aren't getting my kit, Blackfang. Silverears will." Yellowclaw told Blackfang. Blackfang despises Silverears because 'She's too gentle and kind and caring' in Blackfang's opinion.  "Ugh, fine. Not like I wanted the little rodent anyway!" Blackfang said with a sneer as she walked out of the Medicine Cat Den. Yellowclaw glared after her.

Yellowclaw was the Medicine Cat, so she had to get others to help her give birth since she couldn't do it alone. No, Yellowclaw didn't have an apprentice because she has always worked alone and it will stay that way unless she can convince the leader to get her kit as her apprentice. She had named the she-kit Cinderkit. It fit well because the she-kit was a dark grey resembling cinders. The name was perfect! 
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