Legend Chickens Book 2: Pixie Wings (TRIGGER Warning)

Aria is trying to keep her identity a secret,however the LC already know about it. If you have not read Dagi's Dance yet, go read that.

published on August 18, 20157 reads 4 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


   Princess Cana realized the phrase she had just said. The thought to herself, "I'm so perverted." Why would she want to see that? Because seeing her own hero standing there with his mini skirt pulled up was funny. Cana continued to read the letter. Laughing about Sonata's embarrassment and the girl's skirt cracks. This was the kind of mail she needed more of, she said, glancing at a pile of business letters.
   Meanwhile, the LC had their own mail. Someone had sent them a mysterious blue and purple stone. It appeared to shine when Aria got near.Sonata, who was dangling his bandaged wing beside him asked if she knew what it was. "This stone is the sacred Stone of the Faries. It has the power to detect any fairy activity. It glows when fari-"  Dagi looked at Aria. It seemed possible, her curved tail and wings were not something common in purebred chickens. But Aria would turn into.a fairy at will. Airhorn Leghorn asked if Aria was a fairy. "No, I'm just a fancy hybrid" she answered. Aria ran upstairs and looked in the mirror. "They have found out."
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