I really don't know what to say about this one, but I really hope you enjoy it.

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The goddess heaved her body onto the bed, screAming with anger, guilt, and sadness. "Why?! Why did it have to be him!?" Cana screamed again, the stench of blood still  in the air. The only sounds to pierce the silence were her devastated screams, and  the ticks of the clock. "Tic....Tic...Tic..." Each tic was only a second, but to her it felt like years. Years without him.... suddenly, another sound broke the silence...


The voice was merely a whisper, but she knew that someone was there... Cana had stopped wailing, and the clock now sounded quiet and soothing, like small waves rolling along a quiet beach... It spoke again...

"I'm sorry..."

Cana's gaze shifted to a translucent, glowing figure floating near the open door. She could barely make out the outline, yet she felt secure with it lingering was a ghost. Cana's sapphire orbs widened. "G-ghost...", She squeaked..But wait a.second....She stared closer at the hologram in shock. Sleek build, head held high in determination.... Sonata....

"Cana, my divinity. Although I am long gone, you must always remember me.... when we were young... your flirting gaze....soft voice..."

Cana remembered when she had first met the hero, and how much he'd changed... Underneath the pine tree, she'd spotted a young cockrel, nestled in the fallen pine needles. She needed to speak to him. Cana had strode over to the cockrel, and she whispered the words...

"...Wake up, sleepyhead..."

The holographic Sonata shook his head. "Cana... although the words may have worked back then...I will not be waking up anytime soon... maybe in another world. He began to fade away, leaving an empty feeling in Cana"s heart... Sonata was gone.....and he wouldn't be coming back again... Cana put her head down on the pillow and whispered, "In another life.....another life..."

A few years later, after Cana had passed and the kingdom had no ruler, a pure white ameauracana hen strode over to  a rusty red cockrel, resting under a tree. The white hen smiled. "Wake up, sleepyhead..."
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This sad D:
on December 10, 2015