Sans's Skeleton Puns

Sans's Skeleton Puns

Some Skeleton Puns of Sans. I hope these are pun-derful. Please do not judge the grammar.

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Oh These Puns..

Oh These Puns..

(1) Why are skeletons so calm?

Ans : Because nothing gets under their skin.

(2) Why can't skeletons play church music?

Ans : They have no organs.

(3) What is a Skeleton's favorite instrument?

Ans : TromBONE.

(4) Sans : My brother truly is a ______.

Ans : NumbSKULL.

(5) Sans took a ______ with Pap.

Ans : Skelfie

(6) It's Christmas time (even though it's August).

Papyrus : SANS!

Sans : Yeah?

Papyrus : We need to decorate our house and your lazy bones isn't doing anything!

Sans : Isn't it decorated already?

Papyrus : How?!

Sans : With our furniture?

Papyrus : SANS!!

Sans : *laughs really, really hard*

Papyrus : Ugh... Never mind, I'll do this myself...

Sans : *chuckle*

(7) What is Sans's favorite video game?

Ans : As-SANS-in creed. XD

(8) Papyrus : Sans! When are you NOT going to make puns?        

Sans : I don't know, but my puns are getting horrible.

Papyrus : Thank G-

Sans : I need to put more BACKBONE to it.

Y/N : Stop making horrible puns!

Papyrus : FOR THE LOVE OF-

Chara : Hey Sans? Stop.Making.Puns.

Papyrus : See, even our worst enemy agrees!

Chara : But I have to admit, in the last timeline, when I saw those Bones and Blasters, I knew I was so Boned!


Undyne ; No, you're UNDYING tonight!

Papyrus : NO!!

Toriel : Urgh.. Sans. Let me give you a Tu-toriel on how to not make puns.

Papyrus : That's it! *walks away*

(9) What do you call fake Spaghetti?

Ans : Impasta

(10) I think I have a SPARERIBS to make my PUNishments,
I will give you a tu-toriel for that..
I think this this SANSational PUNishment will help ya..
Did you hear about the new city called Sans Francisco?
I love how the PUNch taste!
I think I don't have guts to neice HUMERUS PUNishment.

(11) Sans, where is your telephone?

Ans : Nah.. I use a Telebone.

(12) What do Skeletons say before they start dining?

Ans : Bone-Appetit.

(13) Sans : Have you seen my brother? I have a BONE to pick with him.

(14) Papyrus : Why are you always making Puns?

Sans : I was BONE to make them!

(15) Well, don't you have a SKELETON of SKELEPUNS?
Boy, they sure do skele-stun like a skele-gun.
It sure is Skele-fun!
I gotta skele-run.
I guess I am Skele-done.

(16) I MET-a-Ton of Pun makers, well if you wanna make SANS-ational Puns I can give you a Tu-Toriel.

(17) I am so FlabberGASTERED when I fight Chara.

(18) What do you call a Skeleton Snake?

Ans : A Rattler.

(19) What does a Skeleton tile his roof with?

Ans : A shin-gle!

(20) Boy, these puns ain't HUMERUS, they are Boning..
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SAN-sational pun story!
on October 01, 2016
Man I CRACK myself up
on September 18, 2016
I'm quite the Yolk-ear today
on September 18, 2016
on September 18, 2016
Ilmao BEST PUNS EVER!!, say and one wanna be PUN-ished by my Punny Puns?
on September 18, 2016
on August 06, 2016