Why Minecraft is Good

Do your parents tell you that "Minecraft is for 10 year old boys," or "It's just a game and too distracting,"? Well, read this story and show them all of the facts that prove how Minecraft is awesome.

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Chapter 1.

It can be educational.

For math, you can use it to provide visual models for area, perimeter, and volume. It could help if you're doing word problems and such. Plus, you can make 3D floor plans. It will help to make models you can actually look at and walk through.

For art, you can build giant structures, and you can also do interior designing. One example of a cool structure you can build is pixel art. Pixel art uses the different types of Minecraft blocks and makes them work together to create a gigantic structure.

For economics, there are Minecraft servers that revolve around money. It gives you a starting balance, you can gamble, you can buy and sell items at a market, and you can pay other players. As a bonus, you can trade.

For writing, there are books and quills. You can write your own story in books and quills, and even sign the book, which makes it so other players can read it and share it.

For social studies, you can build examples of houses or structures from different time periods. It will help you visualize the streets of Paris, the jungles of the Caribbean, and so much more. I used it for a social studies project and so did my friend.

For science, there is geology. When you mine, you see the many rock layers and types of ore that spawn at different levels. It's actually quite realistic - diamonds spawn deep down, coal spawns near the surface, and so on. You can also experiment with growing crops - how much water you need for each crop, et cetera.

For technology, you can build and test actual circuits using redstone. You can learn how to complete a circuit and turn on a light. You can learn how to create different mechanisms like automatic farming systems. You can also program different mods or texture packs and experiment with codes.

For social skills, many servers provide mini-games that allow you to use teamwork and also strategize and plan ahead in order to win the game.

For reading, you can build the settings or characters in books you read, allowing you to use details from the story to create what you think the authors intended the setting to look like.
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