look through thsi book for commissions, what I can and can't do, rules, etc all that fun stuff

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Chapter 1.
edit commissions

edit commissions

Rules -
be patient. idk how many ima have to make.(doing 1 at a time)
no nsfw edits(abs, bathing suits, that stuff is ok. no like nsfw nsfw shit)
you can ask for slight blood, but im not covering the whole edit/drawing
if I do a drawing it would look worse than an edit cause I barely have any experience-
you cannot request your oc in suicide or death to be drawn. (eg I won't draw characters hanging or stabbing themselves.)
make sure you're able to enter trading hub kn royale high. and accept my friend request when we do the offer.
I can kinda only edit gacha soo-

example edit in story picture
(note the edit isn't well done- sorry)
No logo/watermark - +10k diamonds

Edit offers

head edits-
simple - 50 diamonds
basic - 1k diamonds
extra - 2k diamonds
added background - +3k diamonds

upper body

simple - 2k diamonds
basic - 5k diamonds
extra- 8k diamonds
added background - +5k diamonds

full body

simple - 5k diamonds
basic  - 10k diamonds
extra - 20k diamonds
added background - +15k diamonds
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