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Zestrayton: Renewed
Years have passed after the war, No more fighting, not anymore. Winter skies and autumn leaves, Blow me away to symphonies. Summer skies and spring trees, Honey made from different bees. Different people all unique. All tha...
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An Untitled Story
A story in progress. A mysterious man shows up one night, speeding across the road. He leaves his audience stunned. The protagonist, Eli Nelson, uncovers many secrets on his way to find this mysterious sir.
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The longest beep
don't read this i'm warning you. It's just one word. One really long word.
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The world inside my head
I just need a place to write and their ain't no way im writing it on discord- so yeah I might make it public but idk yet lol if it is ig im just proud
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look through thsi book for commissions, what I can and can't do, rules, etc all that fun stuff
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Poems I made(2021-ongoing)
Pretty self explanatory I suppose. Basically just brainstorming some poems I've made lol
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