Knights of Round Table vs Blue Crusader Knights

Knights of Round Table vs Blue Crusader Knights

This story is based on a dream of mine that took place back in the year 1285. The knights of Round Table from England visited a fortress on the mountains in St. Petersburg, Russia and fought the crusaders that are wearing with blue uniforms with white crosses and white uniforms with blue crosses. The knights of Round Table were punishing the crusaders for starting wars against Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem. This story is not based on a real story. It’s based on a dream story.

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Chapter 1.

The Battle of St. Petersburg

In the mountains at a fortress in St. Petersburg, Russia...

Sir William Moseley: Alright knights of Round Table, let’s attack this fortress and destroy it. These crusaders will pay for their crimes against Jews and Muslims.

Me (Sir Durante Anderson): I got this. I’m ready to kick some ass.

Sir Jack Davenport: There’s only 13 of us and 100 of them.

Sir Alexander Keynes: We’re the best of the best from England.

Me (Sir Durante Anderson): Let’s do this.

Sir William Moseley: Charge! To the fortress! For England!

They rode their horses to the fortress. They start attacking the crusaders and killing them. The war was really bloody. I was knocking a bunch of crusaders off the mountains, and they died easily. Later, I got in a fight with their leader.

Me (Sir Durante Anderson): (Fighting the leader and breaking our swords)

Sir Andrew Anderson: I surrender. I surrender. Take this axe. (Throws the axe) Kill me with it. Cut my head off.

Me (Sir Durante Anderson): No, I’ve decided to sphere you.

Sir Andrew Anderson: No, I have a bad attitude. My army has loss the war anyway.

Me (Sir Durante Anderson): They may all be dead, but not you.

Sir William Moseley and his friends were killing every crusader knight in the fortress.

Sir William Moseley: Well done, everyone. Let’s check up on Sir Durante Anderson. He has engaged the leader Sir Andrew Anderson. He’s a dangerous man.

Sir Jack Davenport: They have the same last name. What if they’re family.

Sir William Moseley: I know Sir Durante. He does have a second cousin named Andrew Anderson. He told me he isn’t a knight. Just some peasant with the same name. However, he hasn’t seen his second cousin in a long time.

Sir Alexander Keynes: There’s many people with that name. I doubt that Sir Andrew is actually Andrew. Let’s check up on Sir Durante to see if he killed him.
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