Lost Silver 2.

Lost Silver 2.

This is based off the creepypasta so if you don't know it I recommend it because it is just awesome.

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Chapter 1.


Before I was the champion of Kalos I was a mere GYM leader. I think I was the only GYM leader who didn't use a certain type when it came to battling. Things were always nice that's how it used to be....

Blue's P.O.V.
I was on my way to the Anistar City GYM with my brother Red and his two friends Ash and Gold. I didn't know that he would, that Gold would vanish... I smiled but Red glared me. Ash's cousin, Alexis was the Anistar GYM leader before Olympia. When we got there Pikachu was excited while hanging onto Ash's shoulder. I brought my Pikachu out and he walked close to my foot. The GYM on the outside was like a creepy white mansion. "This is awesome, I haven't seen my cousin in years," Ash said breaking the silence between the four of us. Gold smiled also holding his Cyndaquil. The Cyndaquil let out a happy cry before jumping at the front of the door.

I opened the door as Red shoved past me to see his girlfriend. We got into the GYM but we were greeted with a mirror maze. Large mirrors made up the walls and the ceiling to. Black thorns twind around some of the mirrors their vines growing purple, gold, and red roses. The floor was like dead grass but it was black. Ash's Pikachu looked in the mirror and I put my Pikachu away. It was strange there were no battlers. Last time I was here we were at least met by 3 psychic trainers. "Maybe she isn't here," I thought silently. When we got out of the maze we saw a black and purple throne with gold traced so delicately around the arm rests. She had her eyes closed as if she were thinking. My brother ran up to her and hugged her. She didn't hug back or even opened her eyes. I walked over and touched her hand. She was cold.
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