Some little collection of thoughts.

Some little collection of thoughts.

At one point in your life, you find yourself wondering, just what path in life am I on? Is what I'm doing what I would want others do know me for? This is a PapyrusxDEPRESSED reader story. I'm not trying to impact the feels too hard. First story on here BTW.

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Chapter 1.


I constantly find myself asking people the same question: "Why?" I dunno, I guess that it's just a habit now. Not like it's a bad one in any way. I guess I'd just be better off NOT always asking why. It gets me into trouble and/or danger sometimes...

Like that time I questioned why I shouldn't fall down Mt. Ebott. Yeah, bad timing, brain!

I was an extremely curious child. Especially when it came to the Underground. I love mythology, but a part of me knew that it wasn't just a legend. So I questioned my theory. Nine months later (after months and months of research), I finally fell down Mt. Ebott. Well, I guess it's for the best anyways. I'm guessing that no one cares now that I'm gone. That's typical, though. Anyway, I recently arrived in a town called Snowdin. I like it here, it's quite small but very cozy... Reminds me a bit of home.

I also recently met some of the residents here. Their names are "Sans and the GREAT PAPYRUS." I was highly amused by the fact that the taller... Skeleton, I guess, tends to shout constantly. I was slightly intrigued by his loud and rambunctious mannerisms. He seems to have captured my attention in multiple ways however.

"NYEH HEH HEH! HUMAN! ARE YOU READY TO BATTLE?!?!" I guess I walked right into battle while lost in my thoughts.

"Ready as I'll ever be..." I mumbled under my breath, quiet enough so that he wouldn't quite understand my words.

The truth is I had developed a small crush on the taller, naïve skeleton. I loved his enthusiasm, his passion for his dreams, his admiration towards Undyne, who ever she is. His love for his brother, his aspirations to be a master chef and a member of the royal guard. No, I wasn't ready to battle at all! I can't fight my crush!!!




I must've said that last bit out loud... I tend to do that when deep in thought.

"You... Feel that way about me, human?" Papyrus asked, his voice got quiet for a second there.

"W-well, yeah. Who WOULDN'T have a giant crush on you?" I asked, still flabbergasted and embarrassed by revealing my ultimate feelings to him.

"Well... It's time I tell you how I feel... Human... I..." He seemed at a loss for words

"BOY, IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME?" Back to the shouting. I giggled a bit at his statement.

"HUMAN... I... Feel the same way..." He does? He looked at the floor as he said that. I did the only thing my brain was programmed to do: Hug him. I hugged him tightly to my small, frail body.

"How about you and I go get a Nice Cream?" I asked as he looked up at me with the most beautiful of smiles.


I told him my name and we walked together, hand in hand, to get Nice Creams.

The end of chapter one~! 😊
I hope you liked it so far.
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