I Remember... (Creepypasta)

I Remember... (Creepypasta)

Just a little Creepypasta I came up with. I saw pictures on DA that inspired me to make this. And the fandom this pasta is about... Attack On Titan! :3

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His Burden

He once was a normal person. He just wanted to succeed. Until he used himself for something else. Fighting. He wasted every day of his life fighting the Titans. One day, Armin made the decision; If he were meant to kill, he would.
  Armin thought hard about killing one night. What kind of killer would he be? A psychopath, eager for revenge? Or maybe a sly one. What about.... A normal killer?
    Armin didn't show up at training camp the next day. Instead, he planned his kill. Who would it be?  How would he kill them? Eventually, he decided to do a random person, whoever he could get to first. That night he slept with a mind full of violence and Gore.
   The next day, he awoke in a mysterious woods. It had to be about 8:00 PM. Tall, thin trees cast eerie shadows on Armin. He wanted to turn back, but he wouldn't let himself. Something told him that these woods were a puzzle piece of the picture of his destiny. That they meant something. Suddenly, it began to rain.
   Eventually,after hours of walking and pondering his future as a killer, he came upon a creepy looking mansion. He heard what sounded like arguing inside. He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see a a tall, slim figure in the darkness. Dim light from the mansion made the figure visible. He appeared to be totally faceless. Armin stared. Wait. He had seen this faceless guy before! It was Slender Man!
   "Who are you and why do you come to my woods, child?" The man said in a gentle, yet menacing voice. Armin was shocked. "H...hey. I am Armin Arlert, a-and I have come to your woods because I want to be a killer. Slender' s voice softened. "Oh. Than you have come to the right place." He said, as he walked up the steps to the large wooden door. "This is the Slender Mansion, where us Creepypastas reside." "We may be killers, but we are actually quite silly sometimes." As soon as Slender' s tentacle turned the doorknob and opened the door, Armin saw what he meant by that. There was a young girl with a pink dress and brown hair who appeared to be chewing out a taller male with white skin, messy black hair, and a smile carved into his face about a teddy bear, which had a knife through it. Slender walked over to the Two youngsters and told them to stop fighting. Then, Armin heard the voice of a teenage female. The rain still poured down outside. "Slendy, EJ locked BEN outside again! Can I go get him?" Then, he heard a door open and the girl run outside. She came back with a shorter male, a few seconds later. The male was drenched, and shaking with fear. Armin looked at the girl. She looked somewhat like Zoe, but with darker hair, and black eyes with red pupils, similar to BEN's. She figured that they may have been digital, as the short boy appeared to glitch every few seconds. The couple walked upstairs.
Armin awoke to the sight of the faceless guy standing in his bedroom. "Good morning. Later tonight you will experience what it feels like to kill.  Armin Sat up. He would never admit that he didn't want to kill. He just wanted to go home. But he hadn't met any of the pastas yet!
  The rest of the day was spent preparing Arm in to kill; Sharpening his weapon, and practicing being stealthy.
   Finally, the time came. Armin walked into a little girl's room. His sword felt as light as a feather in his hands. He silently walked over to the sleeping girl and held the sword to her heart. Then, he let it dig into her. She awoke and screamed. Armin continued cutting her, covering his hands, face, clothes, and the tips of his long, yellow hair with blood. When he had done his job, he stood back and looked at the bloody corpse. He knew what he had done was wrong. A pang of guilt struck him. "I'm sorry..." He whispered, as he began to cry. Then, he picked up his sword and exited through the window. "I must continue... it is the only way..." Armin thought as he ran through the yard...
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