Second thoughts (BakuDeku soulmate story)

Second thoughts (BakuDeku soulmate story)

WARNING: May have sensitive scenes, don't read if you don't want to. Enjoy the story if you will read! (Pictures by CallaDraws, and Yuki Nakazawa)

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Izuku Midoriya has spent his whole life loving heroes. Especially All Might, the best hero who ever lived. He was always confident he'd get into U.A. High... But that changed today.

Deku was standing there thinking about the words Bakugou just said. "You wanna be a hero so bad? I've got a time-saving idea for you. If you think you'll have a Quirk in your next life, go take a swan dive off the roof!" Tears started welling in his eyes as they dulled slowly. ".....Maybe.... He's right..."

Deku wanted to get his notebook back, but he felt like it was nothing now. It was burned, and soaked in water outside. Deku felt numb as he left the classroom. He knew where he was headed, but he never thought about how anyone else would feel if he left. His mom was the only one who cared. The whole world seemed to fade away. The only thing left was the way to the stairs leading to the roof of Aldera Junior High.

Deku opened the door to feel wind on his face. Tears were flowing. His heart felt slower in rate. He started walking to the edge, but stopped in between the door and the rails. "Am I really going to do this...? Would it be worth it?" Memories of everything Bakugou told him started flowing in his mind. "Worthless." "Useless." "Loser." "Defenseless." "Nerd." "Weak." But there was one that struck him the worst... "QUIRKLESS."

With Bakugou:
One of Bakugou's friends was looking at something. Bakugou turned to him. "Tsubasa, what the hell are you looking at?" The wing-quirked boy pointed at the school roof. "Is that... Deku?" Tsubasa said in a whisper. Bakugou's eyes widened as his pupils shrank. All of a sudden, he started running. Deku was starting to move towards the edge again.

Deku was holding the rail, thinking if he should go over and really do it. There was a bang as the door flew open. "DEKU!!!" It was Bakugou. He sounded angry. Like he always did. Deku turned to see red eyes that met his own dull ones. Deku couldn't tell what Bakugou was feeling. But on his own part, he didn't know what he was feeling himself.

"Hi Katsuki..." Deku said in a monotone voice. Bakugou knew something was wrong with Deku. He would never say "Katsuki".  "Deku..."

"I know what you want to say... I'm finally going to die! I bet you're happy about this. You were right.... I'll never be a hero..." Deku got something he never expected. Bakugou was hugging him. Deku was confused.

"Please... Don't do it Deku..." Deku didn't know what was going on. He thought Bakugou wanted him gone. DEAD. "K-Kacchan?" Bakugou's grip tightened slightly. Deku started crying, but more than a few minutes ago. " I thought this is what you wanted!! Y-You hate me Kacchan!! Why would you stop me from doing what you want!?" Deku started bawling.

Bakugou said nothing the whole time. He just went down with Deku, and made sure Deku got home. By then, Deku's tears were gone. He never mentioned what happened to his mom, not to anyone else. And when others picked on him in class, he just let himself get hurt. But Bakugou never hurt him or talked to him since that day. For some reason ever since that day, Bakugou has worn gloves over his left hand.....
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