Magical Plants and Herbs

I got this idea from another Qfeaster. I wish I could tell you who, but Qfeast won't let me say any usernames. Anyway, this is just about some magical plants and herbs, most of which I made up.

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Chapter 1.

Healing Herbs

Healing herbs are some of the most important herbs. They can be used in Healing potions, or just applied straight onto a wound. They can cure sicknesses and injuries, but if the ailment is large, you need more Healing herbs. There are different kinds, too. Here are the most popular ones:

Glossy Moonbeam

Glossy Moonbeam herbs are easy to find. You can gather them anywhere that at least one fairy lives. They have pale pink blossoms, and, true to their name, they turn glossy in the moonlight. Their stems are an emerald green, with small thorns every once in a while. When under moonlight, the blossoms look like pearls. They are somewhat easy to use - tear off a petal and apply it to the wound or infection. Glossy Moonbeams can only cure ailments that are the size of a dime or smaller.

Golden Blossom

Golden Blossom herbs can be found in groves where Satyrs reside. They are usually tucked under small overhangs or inside crevices. Their petals are, of course, a golden yellow, but their stems are sapphire blue. They give off a bright glow whenever a human comes near them. Many non-magic people have reported seeing a golden light whenever they approached a clearing. Golden Blossoms can only heal infections, not injuries or other sicknesses. To apply, press whole flower down on affected area and hold it for one minute.

Savory Sprout

These are only found in areas where there are unicorns. They are extremely rare. Their petals are as white as snow, and they have stems of diamond. Just by touching it, you develop an indestructible yet invisible shield around you that lasts for exactly ten minutes. The Savory Sprout can only be used once. After that, it disintegrates into a pile of ashes. These ashes can be made into a soup that can heal anyone, no matter their sickness. However, you must use every single one of the ashes left behind by the flower.
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