Angel x Klonoa

I did a story trade :3. Here's the result. Dhdbhdhshajsuudyrueuwiajsjsnsh (filling description))

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Angel Sat in the recliner in the living room , bored. It was a typical Saturday afternoon with the SUn blazing outside and the air dry. It was too hot to set foot outside. She picked up a book, hoping that would take her mind into a land far away, and preferably cooler. Angel looked at the cover of the book and smiled. "Narnia", she said quietly as she opened the book. Two rays of Sun shone through the blinds, casting rays of light onto the floor. Just before she read the first word of the classic novel, Angel heard a knock at the door.

She stood up lazily, spread her white, feathered wings and gently flapped to the door, at the same time creating a steady breeze with her wings. When Angel opened the door, she looked up to see a black and white fantasy character with long, floppy ears, gleaming gold eyes and a large, blue hat with a Pac-Man emblem on it. Klonoa walked inside, and sat on the couch. Angel, who was curious at the visitor flapped behind him. "Hi, I'm Klonoa of the Winds, but most just call me Klonoa.", Angel smiled. "I like your hat." A small smile spread across Klonoa's face. "Thanks" He said. Angel looked at his hat again, and this time took it off of his head. Klonoa didn't mind. He just smiled and said "Nice wings." Angel was surprised that someone had commented on her wings. "Thank you", she said happily.

Klonoa and Angel played together for the rest of the day,  laughing, talking, having fun. At the end of the day, Klonoa said with a smile "I have to go now." Before walking off into the sunset, Klonoa handed Angel his special wind ring. "What? You're giving me your ring" said Angel, confused and surprised that Klonoa had just given her his special item. Klonoa merely nodded and walked away.
Angel woke up to the sound of babies crying. "Huh? Klonoa, honey where am I?" Instead of her fantasy creature husband, she saw a nurse carrying two babies, a boy and a girl. "Twins!" She called and a now, fully grown Klonoa ran around the corner." Klonoa and Angel both smiled. "They're beautiful", Angel said happily. The nurse handed the newborn babies to Angel. They were sleeping peacefully now. Klonoa wiped a tear of joy from his face, staring at his new bundles of joy with pride. He began to sing softly to Angel and the twin babies. His beautiful wife and him had just created two wonderful living beings. "But what should we call them?" Angel inquired. Klonoa thought for a second. "Klonoas.... and" he looked at the male twin, who was wearing a onesie with a puffy white cloud on it. "Cloudy Skys." Angel liked the names. Suddenly, she remembered when they first met. "Hey, remember that one summer day? When we were both young and you knocked on my door?" Klonoa nodded. Angel removed the wind ring and her Narnia book from under the covers. She smiled at the sight of the ring and began reading the book to the twins... on that first word that she never read..."
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*crying of joy*
Omg I'm really crying *hugs* I will make urs too
*hugs back* Thanks. I glad you enjoyed :3
on November 21, 2015
on November 20, 2015