A warm summer breeze and a cool summer night.

A warm summer breeze and a cool summer night.

This is my summer a two years ago. I have perminant memory and I remember MOST of this so if it seems a little unclear then sowwy.

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Chapter 1.

The airport: The beginning.

I sat impatiently in my seat. My hair black hair clung to my neck. I brushed it away looking back out the window. I listened to Celine Dion on the radio. I was l lulled to sleep by the lyrics of her song. I was sitting in my dads truck on a way to California. For all I can remember I HATED my cousin Julianna. I was older by 3 monthes and we never really talked much but now I had to spend 3 glorious monthes in a state I didn't like and had to be with my family. I knew they were going to criticize me. I pressed the buttons rapidly on my 3DS as my avatar walked on victory road of Pokémon Black. I loved pokemon and I was still learning about Sonic at that point in time.

I waited a while and I didn't even have a Qfeast account yet. I mostly liked to read about Sonic. I giggled as I got on the plane after saying bye to my dad. I sat on the plane and saw the wing of the plane directly on my window. I chewed on some mint gum as the plane started down the run way. I closed my eyes since I could feel the speed from the plane. I could hardly imagine what it was like standing on the wing. I hated fast speeds and at the moment I felt like I was on a roller coaster. I looked down at my 3DS. Its closed case sat empty on my lap. I thought about my mom and looked at the fake JellyBelly's in my purse. They were the Jellybellys that had diguesting flavors and of course I just had to ask my dad to buy me some to trick Julie. I remembered things Julie didn't due to my perminant memory which reminded me of things I didn't want it to. I didn't want to sleep because we were now in the air. Our plane was delayed for 6 hours and I spent most of that time looking at the window thinking about life. This summer was already going to suck, I knew it.
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