Glitched: Loyalty' s Betrayal

Chlo3 is.excited for an upcoming party at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. However, when BREE cannot go to the party for an unknown reason, Chlo3 sets out to learn why BREE betrayed her.

published on September 01, 201539 reads 8 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

The Invitation

Chloe knocked on Bree's door. Bree answered, as usual."Sup, Chlo'" she asked Chloe responded, "Nothing much.Just an awesome party at Freddy' s. Chloe and Bree had figured out how to get inside of games, and even bring gaming characters into the real world. Bree was lucky enough to become waifu of infamous gaming character, Link, while Chloe had been turned to by Foxy.
   Bree accepted the invitation and walked inside. "Oh, And the party is tomorrow at 1! I will pick you up later!" Chloe informed her. Chloe ran down the street exited that her loyal friend would be attending her party. Chloe went to bed early that night, as she wanted to get an early start at setting up the party.
    However, Bree felt like.something would go wrong. Usually, she.was right. She hoped it wouldn't affect her friend's party, her loyal reputation, or her waifu. She.slept eventually, but the feeling of anxiety was annoying her.
   The first thing that Bree noticed was that her and Link had been changed into BREE and BEN. Chloe.must have snuck inside and made.them evil so they can attend the party as their dark forms.She noticed something else.when she stroked her waifu' s hair...
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