Midnight Song

Midnight Song

The midnight's song is pure and silenced by all, listen and find your midnight

published on September 01, 20163 reads 2 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Rising Light

Verse 1

The break of dawn
Rising up in the light
Midnight be gone
Let the light rise!

The blackness is breaking
The sky will break
The sun will shine
The night is over x2

Verse 2
Sun will shine again
Welcome the day
Won't you let it shine
Once again (drag).......
Let me out dare light

Welcome to a new day
Make it how you want it
So you won't regret
Let the light Rise

Chorus 2 x2
Don't stop,
Asking questions
The day is perfect time
Let your light rise
And  let it shine

Let it shine....

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