Rose's Spirit - Creepypasta OC

Rose's Spirit - Creepypasta OC

This is my Creepypasta OC's life, Rose's Spirit (called Rose by the creepypastas), and backstory!

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Chapter 1.

Oops... (Jeff)

Slenderman: You killed her!
Jeff: Yeah I know...

I look at Slendy, smiling, as always. He never looked so angry, and I've never been so fun. It's the first time Slendy is angry at me for killing a person... A girl. I remember how I decided to kill her. I was walking in the poorest city street, and I heard voices. I climbed up the floor to see and saw a girl (my age? ... Nah.) Talking to herself. I found her cute... but she was going to be even more cute dead in bed. So I waited to her to fall asleep and yeah... I think you know the rest.

Slenderman: I was going to make her one of my proxies!
Jeff: You already have these idiots... *points Ticci Toby, Masky and Hoody, playing ''don't let the plate fall''...* Why do you need another proxy?
Slenderman: Because she was perfect for a proxy!

I sigh and roll my eyes. «He's always like that...» I turn my head to see whats going on in Slender Mansion. I only see Ben teaching E.J how to play a video game. When I turn to Slendy, he begins to walk to the main door.

Jeff: What are you doing?
Slenderman: I'll put her back alive

Slendy leave home after a few seconds. I wonder how he will do this.


I sit on the couch and look at the TV. Ben and EJ are still playing their video game... And I play with my knife. Slender forbade me to go out to kill someone or for another reason. Im bored.

Ben: Hey Jeff! Want to play?
Jeff: No, your games are just sh*t.
Ben: What?!?

Ben gets up and look at me, angry.

Ben: Don't say my games or full of sh*t!
EJ *takes Ben arm*: Calm down. And play.

Ben sit down and continue to play his video game, like if I said nothing. I don't know why EJ is the only one who can calm down Ben without using violence. That's weird, because we always use violence here... I sigh and turn my head to the main door. Slendy enters in his mansion.

Slenderman: In three weeks she'll have forgotten all her memories.
Jeff: How?
Slenderman: I'll ''steal'' her memories gradually... There will be only me who will know her backstory.
Jeff: Ok. And she will kill someone huh?
Slenderman: No.
Jeff: What?

I look at Slendy with big eyes. A proxy you can't kill? He's joking.

Slenderman: You will teach her how to kill, when she'll be here.
Jeff: What? Never!

One of Slendy's tentacles grab my leg. My face is now in front of Slendy's face... Upside down.

Slenderman: Should I remember you that you killed her, MY proxy?
Jeff: No T_T
Slenderman: If you don't teach her...

His tentacle drops me, and I fall on the ground.

Jeff: Ouch!
Slenderman: You don't wan't to know what will happen to you...

I groan and look at him. He maybe don't have any eyes, but I know that he's looking at me... And it's embarrassing.

Jeff: OK!

I get up and go to my room.
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