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Who do you fangirl?
I KNOW there's a fangirl inside of you! Now PROVE IT! Who do you fangirl the most?!?
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Should I do my Sonic WWFFY normally or a Valentine's special?
Okay, if you don't understand xD I have two choices : Make my Sonic WWFFY part 7 normally or make it at Valentine's day for a Valentine's special... Help me, I can't decide! ^^'
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Who made the first Sonic WWFFY you did?
Who's the autor of the first Sonic WWFFY you ever did on Qfeast?
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Do you have a Sonic OC?
Im sure you know what is a Sonic OC...
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Sonamy or Shadamy?
Are you more Sonic x Amy or Shadow x Amy? Personally, I don't know what Amy should do with Shadow -_-
22 / 56 by Milea