Can I Share A Laugh? (Laughing Jack X Reader)

Can I Share A Laugh? (Laughing Jack X Reader)

You have an alright life with your closest friends nearby! Your going to the 11th grade and is still a single woman in your group of friends, the third wheel. This all changed the morning of your first day of school... (BTW, This is my first story so, sorry if it's crap and this will also up in 2 other websites)

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Chapter 1.
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Hey! This is my very first story so, I hope you all do like it! This has my OC and the OC I made for a friend. If I find my OC’s in anyone’s stories, I will punish you harshly! Please do enjoy~!

(Y/n) P.O.V.

        I was sleeping in bed until my phone blared out. I really didn’t want to answer, but I saw it was my bestie Jocelyn in the group chat I started. It was a mix of kids from the grade above and yours. You were all great friends, right? Nope, not at all.

        Serena: hi….

        Serena: hi….

        Lizzy: GO TO SLEEP! IT’S 2 IN THE MORNING!!

        I quietly chuckled at the response. I check the time, and sure enough, 2 am. That meant in 4 hours, I would have to get ready for the first day of 11th grade. Man am I getting old! I was almost 17 and still have not had a single boyfriend. All my friends have had at least 2 boyfriends, and I was the oddball out.

        Jocelyn: So (y/n), are you getting a boyfriend this year or what??

        Serena: Ya (y/n)! WHEN??

        (y/n): idk. Probably never…

        Lizzy: Like I said, GO TO SLEEP!


        (y/n): Yea lizzy! Know the facts!

        Lizzy: Then take a nap! WE HAVE SCHOOL IN 5 HOURS, TALK THEN!

        I knew she meant it, so I shut off the phone and tried to fall back asleep. After an hour my eyes felt heavy, I was about to fall asleep until I hear some creeks in the hall, in front of my room. I stiffen in my bed. I’m just hearing things. Light starts to trickle into my room as the door is opening. I silhouette slips into the room and the door shuts quickly, but softly like no one even opened the door. I started to freak out a little, I mean, this something that Jeff the Killer would do….

        “Go to sleeeppp.” I turn in bed to see the one and only, Jeff the Killer. I was fangirling, shocked, scared, and happy. He had his knife in hand ready for the kill, he lifted it up. I bolt up and out of the way. I got off my bed and started jumping up and down, screaming like a fangirl, but a little more quiet. He rolled his eyes like this was a normal thing.

        “Did you not hear me? I said go to sleep. That means I will kill you.” He looked annoyed.

        “Sorry for the whole fangirl thing, but, I LOVE CREEPYPASTAS! I admire you the most! I like your killing weapon, it’s an easy-to-use weapon. Very good for close range.” I just start blabbing off on how much I LOVE creepypastas. I couldn’t help myself! They were sooo cool, they were my idol!

        “Thank you so much for the praise, but I still have to kill you.” I started to panic. I really thought that would butter things up. I started to breathe heavy, I started to shake.

        “I was just kidding, chill! But will have to knock you out.” Everything went black right after he said that.


        Hey! I do hope you like my first chapter! Sorry if this was a short chapter! If you have any constructive criticism, please tell me! BYE!!!
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on December 22, 2016
more pls
I will! I am glad you like it!:D:D:D
on December 22, 2016
on December 22, 2016