Himiko (Akatsuki theme -itachi- love story)

Himiko (Akatsuki theme -itachi- love story)

This is about a girl name Himiko. In the beginning, she met a weirdo. He told her that she was the chosen one and he disapears. Later, she found something that brought her to another world. She met a person who saved her, but she really didn't like him because he was to calm and quiet. Later on, they start to grow effections toward each other.

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Chapter 1.
Introduction (Prologue)

Introduction (Prologue)

Oh, hello there! Nice to meet you. My name is Himiko Toshusai. I'm 21 years old with long black hair and black eyes. I am 5'9 and in between muscular and not muscular. Talking about muscular, the only sport I play is volleyball. I played basketball once, but durring the game, I triped and twisted my ankle a little bit. It wasn't that bad, but it was sure embarrising.
               Let's talk about my likes and dislikes. I like alot of colors and I will eat anything. I am not picky like my friends are. I like to wear casual and comfey clothes. I like alot of animals plus nature. I do love reading and writng very much, but I don't really like math very much. I don't like to eat proccess, too fatty, or frozen foods, but I do love cooking my own meals. I love to watch anime and read mangas. I also like to hang out with my friends then just sit at home reading or watching TV. Pretty much that is all my likes and dislikes.
               Now let's talk about me being as a college student. I am a straight "A" student in all Honors (AP) classes. I am studying Calculus, Japanese language, theatre, writing, geology, and world history. I know it isn't very much classes, but one class I want to major on is Phd. degree as a vet who takes care of animals. Just like I said, I do love animals, so that's why I am taking this class.
               Okay, let's talk about my family and friends. Start with my mother, her name is Haruko (meaning spring child) Toshusai. She is only 48 right now. My mom was name Haruko because she was born in the spring solstice. She has a bob brunette hair with a hint of blonde highlight. Her eyes are ocean blue. Mom is only 5'5, and I am taller than her! She loves to organize things and the only thing she dislikes is tomatoes. My mom sure despises them. Now with my dad. His name is Akio (meaning bright). He is only 6'4. I got his height, but I got my mom's legs. My dad is only 50 years old. Dad likes engineering many things, but he doesn't like getting up early in the morning to go to work. Lasty, with my 2 best friends. Their names are Kame (meaning tortoise) and Kohana (meaning little flower). Kame and Kohana are twins, but their personalities are different. Kame was name like a tortoise because she is slow at things. Kohana was name little flower because she is very sweet and kind. They both of long and blond hair with blue eyes. That is pretty much about my friends and family.
                Speaking of likes and dislikes moments ago, I am pretty sure I said I watch anime and read manga. He, you are right, I am a nerd. Well, I am not the only nerd around here, my friends are also nerds. We watch our favoirte anime everyday. One of my favorite anime is Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The reason why I like Naruto is because I like ninjas. Another reason is that I like to see funny scenes. My favorite Naruto character is Hinata Hyuuga. I do wish Naruto and HInata will be together. That is because they look cute together, and yes, I am a NaruHina fan. From other people point of view, they are NaruSaku fans like Kame and Kohana. Of course, I don't want to be rivals with my friends, so we just wait to see who Naruto is going to be with. That is the whole truth of me being a nerd. I hope you all like nerds just like me!! :)
                 When I introduced you to my parents, people say they are the odds. To tell you a secret that I never believe before, but here it is. They say both of my parents came from a different world, but came to this world from some type of force. My parents were only 18 and 20 then. Mom and dad never told me anything about themselves from being a different world or just from another country. So, I never knew.

That is pretty much about me, friends, and family. Later, the story will become more awesome!
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Lol I know that cover image I used the same one in one of my stories LOL
on October 06, 2016
Chapter 3 part 2 preview
I woke up in a dark room, actually my eyes were covered. It smelled like sewage and it feels tight around here. I am being tied up and trying to think how to escape this stupid mess. My question to these kidnappers; why were they kidnapping me? I mean, I have nothing special for them to have, unless they are pedophiles, I will defiantly See More▼
on May 23, 2015