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If You Ever Wish
This is a life story about a kitten. It is sad, hopeful, and maybe a small adventure
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Fairy Tail X Naruto ( Story Crossover + Timeline Skip)
One day, Naruto and his fellow teammates plus other teams are assigned for a special mission. Their mission is to find a important scroll before the Akatsuki does. But something dramatic happens. Naruto and his comrades, went t...
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My Bio
This is about me. I talk about my hobbies, pets, sports and more. I hope we all can be friends.
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Himiko (Akatsuki theme -itachi- love story)
This is about a girl name Himiko. In the beginning, she met a weirdo. He told her that she was the chosen one and he disapears. Later, she found something that brought her to another world. She met a person who saved her, but s...
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