If You Ever Wish

If You Ever Wish

This is a life story about a kitten. It is sad, hopeful, and maybe a small adventure

published on August 02, 201512 reads 7 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

If You Ever Wish

If you ever wish you were a dog , you will be filled lots of joy by your owner. Well, I am a cat. My owner forgets about me and just neglects me. My friend here is a dog. He is loved by everyone. When ever he sees me being neglected or get hit, he protects me. If I were a dog, he would be my brother.

If you ever wish you were a bird, you could fly away with freedom. Wings will glide through the wind and the cold breeze will make you smile.

If you ever wish your owner loves you, you will be cuddled and everyone around you will love you.

If you ever wish you were human, you could adopt any animal who needs a real family.

If you ever wish that you were in heaven,you will be cared by a gaurdian angel.

If you ever wish that you were a fish, you would swim happily.

If you ever wish that you were a mouse, you will eat crumbs.

If I ever wish, I would wish that my owner will love me.


I hope you like the short story!
A/N: This story is supposed to be sad. It is also on watt pad and soon to be posted on deviantart. If you have any requests for me of making more stories, please don't hesitate and just ask
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It was sad 💧
on August 04, 2015