The Voice (1)

"So close yet so far. So soft yet still hard. So light, but dark. It sounds New, yet familiar too, is it all in my mind or just behind..."

published on September 10, 20158 reads 8 readers 1 not completed


I have never feared this place. Although it was dark, and had a paranormal setting, I never feared it. While most hated our shifts, and left at night five. I couldn't go, this place is my life. Many just go to seven, while some leave at five, I have made it to more then I count.
    Until I heard it. There was a whisper in the darkness. I couldn't exactly make it out, but it sounded like "Remember me?" Yeah, ghosts are one thing... Most Creepypastas are just legends. But what freaked me out about this voice was it sounded... familiar. I listened again. I heard a springlock click, and the creaking of metal. And then I heard "I'm not just a legend...."
   I pointed my flashlight to where the sound seemed to be coming from.Nothing. Suddenly, I heard the sound of something small hit the ground. I walked over to where the sounds came from. I picked up a long, metal thing. Was it... a claw? I gasped. Was there a wolverine in the building? No. The voice was too feminine. I heard it again... "Help.... I'm in love with a killer..."
    There was no doubt that this was either a hallucination or a creepypasta. Eh, probably not getting enough air. I opened the air vents more. Suddenly, I felt something sharp poke my back. I swung around. Nothing. I heard a familiar voice say "I am a monster. An error. A-A glitch..."
  I replayed the word again... Glitch.... Glitch.... Then I heard, what sounded like "Agar..." I remember that from somewhere. Heh, probably just hearing things. It spoke again... "I am here..."
   I gasped. "Where are you!", I Screamed. I heard it again "Agar..." I screamed again. "What?!?! Do I know you? How long have you been stalking me!?! The voice responded. "It's me..." Yep. Defiantly hallucinating. Wait... This voice didn't sound animatronic! I heard it say, "I'm nothing but a pervert!" In fear, I made the choice of replying. "Who are you!!!" It answered, "How can you not remember me! I'm the missing Link!" I gasped. "B-BEN!?!" The mysterious spirit spoke again "Closer, but no. You know me more than him!" I had no choice but to stop playing the ghost' s game. I screamed, "Show yourself!" A tall figure revealed themself.
   All of the fear left my body. I gasped. "I can't believe it is you!" The figure spoke to me. "Yes, but I have lost my sanity. I'm a pasta now..."
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Comments (1)

Now that you have read this, there are only three questions; Who is the narrator: Who is the voice, and why is the stalker haunting the setting?
on September 10, 2015