The Splintered Curse (not finished)

14 year old Eleanor Allen doesn't know what she's getting into when her family moves into an ancient house. If she'd known, she wouldn't have investigated the mysterious music that played when she entered the forest. Nor would she have taken the nymphs up on their offer of an adventure. But Eleanor did do those things. And her life will never be the same.

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I pull back the string on the bow, testing the flexibility. Then I let the arrow fly. It lodges into a tree trunk, and I smile.
It is my fourteenth birthday, and I expect adventure.
I retrieve the arrow and am about to shoot again when I hear what sounds like a flute. It is a loud, clear note, that rings in the air. I perk up and listen. The sound echoes again. It seems to be coming from deeper in the woods.
We've just moved to this ancient house, and I don't like it. At all. It is really old, so old that my dad can list many historical facts about it off the top of his head. He's a history teacher. In fact, that's why we moved here - so my dad could take the job as a history teacher in the area.
But I feel as if there's something more to this house. Not actually the house itself, but the forest in the backyard. It gives off this vibe. That's why I'm expecting some sort of adventure today.
When my parents gave me my birthday presents, I felt the mysterious vibe. It didn't help that my presents were a coil of rope, some binoculars, a canvas bag, and a Swiss army knife.
I sigh and cup a hand to my ear. The sound of the flute repeats. I follow it deeper into the woods.
The sound leads me to a clearing. As soon as I enter, the music stops. I listen for more, but the only things I hear are birds chirping and trees swaying. The sunlight leaks through the canopy of trees, framing a hole in the trunk of an oak that's in the center of the clearing. The hole is filled with pine needles, and it looks as if someone had spent a while on creating a fairy house.
Suddenly, what seems like a green bug as big as my fist crawls out of the hole. I freeze, my breath catching in my throat. The beetle's wings open, and it flies to a branch higher on the tree. It's a beautiful sight.
All of a sudden, the beetle stands up on its hind legs and I see that it is not, in fact, a beetle, but actually a fairy. At least, it looks like one. Its skin is a mossy green, and its wings are a milky white. It has dark purple eyes and is wearing a dress woven from grass. I've never seen a fairy, except in pictures, so I don't have a lot to go by. From what I've read in books, fairies are small, and have normally colored skin. This creature is larger and has green skin.
The fairy-creature pulls out a long, silver flute from its dress. It plays a tune on it, and I hear a sound like millions of people stomping at once. But I look around and realize that what I'm hearing is actually the sound of hundreds of wings beating at once, as many other fairies rush to surround the one in front of me.
All of the other fairies have minty green skin. The first one stands tall and clears its throat.
"What are you doing in our kingdom?"
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