The Broken: Horror House

The Broken: Horror House

May went for a walk one summer in the forest. she saw a lonely four storage house and wanted to investigate. but trip on a rock near a river bed and fell straight into an angry river. she scream mommy daddy but they were to far away and she drown right in front of the house. but little may story is far from over. Ten years later two new girls came to the town May was born at one of them Kate lived in May's childhood house as for Maliyah who lived in the house where May's body was found dead both girls begin to see and hear strange things but its not May running the show no someone or something else.

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Chapter 1.

May's death

Little four year old May was walking around playing alone beside the woods. She began to wonder into the woods and play around and hum songs her mom would sing to her at night. She jumps over a rock that was in the middle of the woods and laugh happily and look up to sees a huge four storage house. She looks up her eyes fill with wonder and begins to walk towards the strange wooden house. Without noticing she tripped on a rock near a rushing river and fell in.
She struggled to have her head above the water gasping for air every time she got. But the water kept beating her up making her go right back under.

Panic feels the poor child and she screamed for her mom and dad, but she was too far away for them to hear. She goes under one last time and the river swiped her lifeless body in front of the wooden four storage house.

Later that even her mom called her in for dinner but when no answer came she felt worry and told her husband to go find her. May dad grab a flashlight and went into the woods to search for his little girl.

"May!"! He yelled through the silent woods but there was no answer.

He tries again "May!!" His voice called sound worry, he begin walking even deeper into the woods until a familiar image catches his eyes in the moons light. He shone the light toward the figure and gasped in surprise and worry. Tears began to flood his eyes as he pick up the doll noticing that it was his daughter's.

He began looking around rapidly panic and worry fill him as he yelled "May, May!!"

He looked all around in his surroundings, until he spotted her lifeless on the ground. More tears flooded his eyes as he ran towards her not caring what happens to him. He reaches her and fell to his knees at this moment he could not stop crying. he gentle pick up his only daughter and beg her to wake up.

"May please wake up, May, May," he cried staring at his daughter lifeless body.

May did not responds and her dad try to gently do CPR but it was hopeless. So he picked up his daughter crying and rocking her back and forth before calling the police.
He picks her up and slowly walks back to the house tears almost messing up his vision, but he didn’t care. He finally reaches the house where his wife was waiting in front of the woods.

When she saw her daughter lifeless body she ran towards him saying "NO," bursting in tears. When she gets there she fell to her knees as her husband gently goes down too moaning and crying for their lost child.
For hours it seems, they cry rocking their baby girl before the police arrive and took her away. May's mom cried into her husband husky chest as they watch their child go away forever.
Eventually but slowly May parents move on with life and had another girl, but she could never replace May. No longer will her baby blue eyes open with wonder and love. No longer will her mom brush her blond curly hair. No longer will her dad lift her up like an airplane to hear her adorable laugh. Now that she is gone, a hole is in both of their hearts, but they have to move on eventually,

but has May?
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in chapter 3 it said she left the hospital on november 18th and thats my birthday. lol
on July 07, 2016
on July 07, 2016