to death do we part~ THEY MUST DIE!!

to death do we part~ THEY MUST DIE!!

Its time! The luv shall last no longer!! The devil, the ruler of hate, can not look upon such perfect of a love… IT MUST END! THEY MUST DIE!! NOW!!

published on March 10, 201318 reads 17 readers 4 not completed


Katy took a deep breath it was a dream, just a dream….right?! still she worried about tyler. Just then her texting went off from across the room. Katy mumbled, then she got out of her bed and went 2 get it.  It was from tyler “KATY!!! R U K?!! OMG, CALL ME THE MIL-SECOND U GET THIS!!!!” katy was confused. what was wrong with tyler?! Katy grabbed her slippers and snuck downstairs, put on her slippers and ran outside. She quickly dialed tylers number, he answered it middle of the first ring. “KATY!!” he sounded scared and out of breath. “KATY! R U OK?! PLEASE TELL ME UR OK! KATY R U HURT IN ANYWAY? WHERE R U?! KATY IM COMING 2 GET U! I WONT LET THEM HURT U! O GOD KATY—“ “TYLER- CALM DOWN! IM FINE!” there was a moments silence… “katy?...did u- r u-“ “what?!” deep breaths both ends….”tyler why would I not b ok?....”  tyler told her about a dream…her dream! Tyler had had the same exact dream!  “katy I must see u!” they agreed to meet at a grave yard about ¼ a mile from katys house. She met up with tyler, a pale, stressed, fearful, tyler. When he saw her he kissed her like it was do or die. When they broke both were speechless. Then tyler pulled her slowly into him, and whispered.. ”ill luv u as long as I live…I need u…ill die for u..i luv u.. forever.” He kissed her forehead. Then a rustle among the fallen leaves, a faint scream of pain in the wind, foot steps..coming…slowly, but coming… they were coming.  silence….all that could b heard….dying for air….must not breath….they might come….evil eyes piercing there backs…..air, air….must-have…air….no!.. must not breath…a light wind…. gray clouds cover the moon…darkness….pure darkness… tears of fear rolling down to pale cheeks… 2 hearts beat as one…pounding against two cages of bone…. Longing to b 2geth… a sword of jealousy ready 2 kill…… AIIIIIRRRRRR!!!!..... the wisdom of their minds betrayed….. the body disobeys…. Air…at last!.... but still not content…. The mind fights against heart and soul….. the  mind loses… two mouths speck together…”I love u…..” a crash of lightning… an ear piercing scream.. beside them.. behind them… above them..  ghostly figures… another scream…..DUCK!! all was gone.. into black picture…. The two lay woman on top of man… asleep in a time of danger… bound by the enemy….2 luvers… 2 soul mates… now in the devils hatful  hands.
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on October 31, 2013
so sad
on June 06, 2013
so sad! but amazing!
on May 24, 2013
on March 10, 2013