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do u think it is possile 2 meet ue soul mate ur freshman year?
am i in luv or obbsesed?!!
ok i no this sounds weird but i think i mite b in luv wih niall horan of 1d! i no idk him in person but i can stop thinking about him, when im sad i think about wat he would tell me and it cheers me up! he is soo much like me! ...
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what can i do with my bffs on my 14th birthday
in need help deciding wat 2 do on my 14th birthday! it needs 2 b cheap fun and awsome! i can have 2 friends 2 do it with me! any ideas?!
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dose any on no wat happened 2 sonamy?!
well do u? if u do pleeassee tell me! also if u have another way of contacting her tell she is highly missed here!
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