There once was a girl... struggling to fit in, struggling because she knew she didn't need to.

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Chapter 2.

The Betrayal

        My parents, Lucy's parents, Ryan's parents, and a few others met up every last Friday of each month. At this time, the kids would hang out and play games or whatever.
        Lucy, Ryan, Kyle, and a few of my other friends were sitting around a table. Ryan was playing a game on my phone.
        I don't remember exactly what we were talking about, but it came up. Crushes. Jokingly, I said, "Oh, Lucy likes you!" to Kyle, and then I laughed.
        Lucy was very sensitive. She got extremely mad, and the only way she could figure out to hurt me was to tell.
        "WELL BROOKE LIKES YOU!" she exclaimed, directing the outburst towards Ryan.
        I couldn't think straight. I could barely see Ryan in front of me due to tears welling up in my eyes. My best friend, who I trusted. How could she?
        Ryan smirked and said, "I don't care, Brooke. Girls having crushes on me just makes me look cooler." At that, I was pushed off the edge. I stormed over to Ryan and wrenched my phone from his grasp.
        For some reason, Lucy was even more mad than me. She screamed and ran to the bathroom. I was on her heels, trying to keep my rage contained.
        As soon as the door shut behind us, Lucy burst into sobs.
        "WHY ARE YOU UPSET?" I screamed. "HOW ARE YOU UPSET?"
        "YOU STARTED IT!" She exploded. "YOU-" She broke off and let out another sob.
        By this point, I was in tears too. "I TRUSTED you, Lucy," I said softly. I walked back to the room, not speaking to anyone but sitting in the corner and sulking. I couldn't stand Lucy right now. But I soon realized that Lucy was not to be blamed. It was Ryan I should be mad at.
        The next few months consisted of fighting. Me and Lucy against Ryan. Verbal lashes struck the other, trying to make them break. At night I wondered how best friends could turn to worst enemies.
        Our teacher pulled us aside one day. Although we had not told our parents or any of our teachers, they could tell we were acting different. "Brooke, Lucy," she said. "You two are normally such positive girls. Now..." she shook her head. "I can just tell."
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Awesome story! Good job
on April 12, 2017