TMNT - Little Venus

TMNT - Little Venus

Short stories with Lil Vee (the first 2 were made awhile longer than the others)

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Chapter 2.

Mikey and Venus

*Mikey's POV*
"Come on Venus!" I shouted

"I comin." she grabbed the skateboard and we left the lair, to good skating places. I was gonna teach her more skateboarding moves, she's pretty good for her age. 6.

She skated ahead, going to the place

"hey! Vee Vee! Wait!" I shouted picking up more speed to catch up, I stopped seeing her waiting, I smiled showing her more moves, she copied with a few messups but got them after about 30 minutes

"come on, I think you're ready to try em on the bigger spot" I winked

She jumped up and down smiling "yay!!" she got back on her board and I led the way.

After a few minutes, We were almost there, the last time I looked back she was behind me, I heard a scream gasping as she wasn't behind me anymore
I got off my board "Venus!" I shouted listening, going back "Venus!!" I shouted louder, i heard crying, whining. And ran after it and found Venus down holding a bit below her knee, she was crying.

I bent down "Venus what happened??"

She sniffled removing her hand, and she was bleeding quite a bit but clamped her hand back over it whining.

My eyes widen and checked in my belt for anything and had a random towel.. Weird, but unused.. And placed it over it "do you have anything?"

She winced letting go looking through her own belt finding a strap, some sort for a belt I took it wrapping it around tightly
"we're going home, get that better than the way it is now" I bent down turning around, she grunted getting up wrapping her arms around my neck, I got up grabbing her feet holding them around me taking her back to the lair, to Donnie, he bandaged her leg saying to take it easy.

I pushed my 2nd fingers together "Venus I'm so sorry that happened."

She shook her head "it fine.." she went to her room but a small limp

I felt bad and went to her door knocking


"hey, uh can I come in?"


I sighed relieved and walked in shutting the door sitting on her bed by her "I'm sorry I didn't notice you weren't behind me"

"I fine Mikey." she assured

I sighed "alright" I thought "ya know, you were a clumsy baby" I chuckled "getting hurt quite abit."

She sighed but smiled "I guess I clumsy."

I nodded "yah everyone is but you were pretty clumsy when you were a baby."

She giggled "I was?"

"yep, you sure were." I nodded

"Weo said you was clumsy too" she pointed

I glanced away but back "yah but I'm talkin about you," I tapped her small beak smiling "not about me or the others"

She giggled

"you loved to play, mostly liked to play pick on Raph." I smiled.  

She nodded "he tol me"

"oh, cool.. Cool.." I nodded glancing away "well need anything just, ask" I smiled leaving

She nodded understanding but never asked for much, about an hour or so later she asked for water, awhile after THAT, Donnie went and checked on her and said she was fine to calm me down, it gave some relief to know she's fine. Even though the others might get a little mad when they find out.. Well.. They'll have to understand like I do that she's fine after Donnie's care. Since Sensei is out of the lair to train with April, Leo was put in charge till he returned so I'd have to deal with Leo first. But that time hasn't come yet to when I told them yet. Heh..

"MIKEY!!" I flinched hearing an angry yell from Leo.

Whoops.. Heh.. He found out.

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