TMNT - Little Venus

TMNT - Little Venus

Short stories with Lil Vee (the first 2 were made awhile longer than the others)

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Chapter 1.

Venus and Donnie

(BE ADVISED! Her speech is supposed to be off, she's still little and cant talk right sometimes. No, they're not typos)
*Donnie's POV*

Im upgrading the shell raiser to be BETTER way better and cooler with the guys off doing their own things and the lab doors shut, this will be a surprise.

I went over to my desk drawing additions, on my blueprint of the shell raiser.
I heard the lab doors open,

"Donnie, Donnie! Wanna play??" our little sister trotted in smiling

I jumped twirling her around to the door pushing her out, sighing as its a surprise for EVERYONE. Going back to my desk

Awhile later she tried again "Donnie, wanna play?"

I sighed "no Vee, I can't" I pushed her out again

Awhile later again I heard the door open  and close but didn't see anyone, so I tuned it out thinking nothing.
But Venus popped up infront of my desk "Donnie!"

I jumped surprised accidentally knocking chemicals on the blueprint

She gasped "oops..." she backed up

"Venus!" I shouted angrily "look what you did!"

"I-I'm sorry" she whimpered and her eyes started to well up with tears

The anger left me as I figured out what's really going on, I bent down to her "Ve-"

She ran out of the lab crying without letting me talk to her

"Venus!" I shouted and ran out of the lab door shutting it

I seen Raph glance down from the shaft attracted to the cry.

Leo walked out of the dojo but didn't look suspicious

Mikey remained asleep on the couch.

Raph winced looking at me "what'd you do?"

"hm?" Leo looked up at Raph

"no not you, I'm talkin to Donnie. Venus ran out of the lab crying" Raph sat up

Leo looked at me and frowned

I signaled my hands down "I'll handle it.." I sighed going to her door knocking "venus, come on, I'm sorry." I knocked again "can I come in?"
It was silent so I quietly walked in, she held her blanket close to her chest crying in the corner of her room. I walked over softly picking her up holding her against me, shushing softly

Her crying slowed but turned into hiccups. I placed the blanket over her but she still held some part in her hand and I sat on her bed patting her shell hushing

"you *hic* r mad.." she cried

I sighed "no. I'm not.. I'm sorry." I kissed her forehead "I didn't notice it was cuz the others weren't paying attention to you either."

She slightly nodded hiccuping nuzzling her way in my chest comfortable

I slightly smiled
"it's ok. I didn't either.."

She looked up at me "they didn't play with u?"

I shook my head "sometimes."

She looked down "I sorry."

I shook my head "it's fine, I didn't mind much" I tapped her small beak "plus when you came you gave me company." I smiled

She giggled "really?"

I nodded "yep. Sometimes the guys handed you over to me when you cried quite more thinking something else was wrong" I chuckled

"y not daddy?" she asked

I thought but shrugged "not really sure"

"oh" she glanced off "was I har?"

"hm?" I asked

"to handle." she exclaimed

I nodded "sometimes but it was normally something that they were doing was wrong or just hungry" I smiled

She smiled snuggling against my chest with small hiccups still, I patted her shell softly.

She softly burped with a last hic covering her mouth, I softly laughed, she blushed giggling "cuse me."

I smiled "silly" and kissed her forehead laying down with her still against me
"I won't let anything happen to you"

She smiled tossing the blanket over our heads giggling

I shook my head chuckling "goofball" I gave her a small noogie

"stop!" she giggled trying to push my hand off

I stopped smiling but laid relaxing closing my eyes, I felt her shift up me and a kiss on my forehead, I looked up watching her shuffle down back laying on my chest comfortable looking at me smiling "I wove you Donnie"

I smiled warmly "love you too Vee" I softly stroked the back of her head resting again, the soft breathing I heard turned into soft snoring.

I looked up seeing her sleeping, and shifted her off a bit getting up laying her back down on her bed placing it blanket over her, leaving
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