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Do you like transformers?
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Who is your favorite transformers pairing?
It could be readerxtransformer, conxcon, botxbot or even botxcon or humanxcon or bot whose yours? From ANY of the universes or series, MTMTE, RID, Bay, TFA, TFP, G1, SG.
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Should animals get punished for people's stupidity?
About the kid and all the other people falling into the animal cages and them getting hurt, there's safety railings for a reason!
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How long does it take to learn wiccan and witchcraft?
I get recommended apps and witchcraft and waccan spells popped up, a lot of people were saying it worked so I wanted to try, but didn't know how long it'd take..
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why do people have to be so judgey to appearances?
I've never posted photos of myself for this reason, while my other friends plaster their picture on their profile photo
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Does anyone else think Soccer is EVIL?!
It hurts me so its EVIL!?
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Who else likes tmnt?
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