Hollywhisker's Journey

Hollywhisker's Journey

A short side story about the Sunclan medicine cat Hollywhisker and her journey to our Starclan ancestors.

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Chapter 1.


Hollywhisker finished chewing the herbs and gave them to the Honeykit. The tiny kit twisted her head. Hollywhisker sighed.
                "Honeykit, you mustn't reject the herbs. Chew them, please, for Starclan's sake." Honeykit cuffed the herbs. Hollywhisker put the herbs back on the rock Honeykit was sitting on. The brave warrior, Silversky, passed by. "Silversky," Hollywhisker called. Silvershy brushed her pelt against Hollywhisker's. "What is it you ask me for?" Silversky questions. Hollywhisker nodded her head at the stubborn kit. "Could you help her eat these herbs?" Hollywhisker asks, sliding the chewed herbs towards Silversky. She nodded and headed forward to the kit, who was now sobbing. "Honeykit," Silversky asks. "Do you want to be a warrior?" Honeykit looked up to Silversky, her eyes glimmering. "Yes." Silversky pressed her nose against the kit's ear. "Then you must eat these herbs. They will help you, Honeykit." Desperately, Honeykit ate the herbs without denial. Silversky brushed her muzzle against Honeykit. "Thank you, little warrior." The kit's eyes gleamed at Silversky as she silently fell asleep. Hollywhisker twitched her ear. "Thank you Silversky." She said. "Any time." Silversky replied. She escorted out and headed for the Warrior's Den. Hollywhisker climbed onto her rock and fell into a silent sleep.

                                "Hollywhisker! Hollywhisker!" The medicine cat lifted her head as Lightningfur nudged her. "Lightningfur?" Hollywhisker asked. "How do I concern you?" Lightningfur's eyes widened. ""It's Gingerfoot." He says. "She's been injured." Hollywhisker jumped off her rock. "Where is she?" Lightningfur brought the injured warrior to the medicine cat.
"Where is Mudstar?" Hollywhisker asked. Mudstar walked into her den.

"Mudstar," Hollywhisker asks. "What happened?"
"Badger attacked." She replied.

Hollywhisker nodded. She stared at Lightningfur.

"Lightningfur," She calls. "Lightningfur get me some cobwebs."

Lightningfur nodded and trotted out of the den. Hollywhisker bend down to Gingerfoot's level.

"Gingerfoot." She asked. "Gingerfoot! Gingerfoot, speak to me!"

Gingerfoot opened her eyes. She started to stutter. Gingerfoot's eyes became vague. Hollywhisker licked Gingerfoot's ears. Mudstar eyes widened at the horrific sight. Lightningfur came back with the cobwebs. His paws were looked numb. Hollywhisker took the cobwebs and rubbed them on Gingerfoot's cuts. Lightningfur walked at Hollywhisker. Hollywhisker sighed.

"What is it, Lightningfur?"
"Well," Lightningfur says. "How may I help you?"
"Hmm," Hollywhisker replies. "Get me some Healing Berries."

Lightningfur nodded. He went to get the berries.

"Is this it?" Lightningfur asks, feeding death berries to Gingerfoot.


Hollywhisker lunged at Lightningfur. Gingerfoot ate a berry. Hollywhisker grabbed the healing berries. Gingerfoot could not open her mouth. Mudstar and Lightningfur opened Gingerfoot's mouth. Hollywhisker helped her eat the berries. Gingerfoot's eyes closed.

"Alive!"Gingerfoot gasped. "I'm alive!"
"Not without Hollywhisker's help!" Lightningfur protested.
"Thank you, Hollywhisker." Gingerfoot said.
"Stay here for the night." Hollywhisker replied. "You can sleep next to Honeykit. She's tiny. You'll fit."

Gingerfoot went to to the rock where the kit was.

"Oh, and Gingerfoot," Hollywhisker said. "Your welcome."

Gingerfoot rolled her eyes and went to sleep. Mudstar approached Hollywhisker.

"Thank You, Hollywhisker." Mudstar said, then leaving to rest.

Lightningfur stood next to Hollywhisker.

"Hollywhisker?" He asked.
"Yes, Lightningfur?" She replied.
"Do you have any thing for this spider bite?"

Hollywhisker stared at Lightningfur's paw.

"I'll rub some peppermint on it in the morning." Hollywhisker sighed. "Stay in the Warrior's Den for now. If it swells, come and see me."

Lightningfur nodded and went to rest. Hollywhisker climbed onto her sleeping rock. The young medicine cat laid her head down and fell asleep. Dreaming about her other life.
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