Diary of a 5th Grader

Lana Johnson is now in the 5th grade! But will she be able to deal with the tough teachers, hard homework, and grades?

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Chapter 1.

First School Day

Dear Diary,

My teacher is named Mrs. Pelletier. I'm so glad that she is a woman. Sadly, Sarah isn't in my class anymore. She's in Mr. Thomas' class. I said I'm sorry she has to have a male teacher. She said thank you.
Ben isn't in my class, so that's good. Mark is, though. He's quiet now and reads all the time. It's way different than last year, when he threw paper wads at girls. During recess today, he read underneath a tree. I played with Sarah.
When I got a paper cut today, Mark asked if I was okay. I think I might have a crush on him, but I'm not sure. Boyfriends are a bit scary to me now.
The homework that Mrs. Pelletier gave was hard. I just finished it. We had to solve problems like 48 x 53, using something called lattice. Dana said it's easy, and then she showed me how. She was a big help and I solved all the problems but I still think it's hard.
Sarah came over today to do science homework with me. We had to make an observation about any animal we wanted. I chose an ant. I spent an hour trying to observe them, but all I could get was that they build hills and work in groups. Mom suggested that I observe our cat, Muffin. I did. I managed to observe that she is fat and eats too much. I get a feeling Mrs. Pelletier won't accept that.

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