Black Phoenix

Black Phoenix

In this Fantasy styled on going book Gazi llargia (SourMoon) looks for her well needed trainer. But will she?

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The girl in Black

The girl in Black

Gazi llargia POV
I remember the day when me and my twin sister were born. I was immediately rejected for being black. I was named Gazi llargia meaning SourMoon my sis was yellow and was named Taime or HoneyMoon.

I watched the others fly around, no one cared about what I did. I sat silently in the blazing light of the other Phoenix's wings. I covered myself using my black wings. I felt the surge of wanting revenge, I saw the area darken to night I opened my wings in front of the shining Moon my feather covered body was outlined by purple.

After my outburst I was cast out of the place. I walked in complete silence into the darkening forest. The trees started to cast shadows across the now darkened grass. I felt a presence in the misty pine tree woods. "Help!" A high pitched voice yelled. I felt a sudden chill down my spine. I looked around the shadowy forest and saw golden eyes "wow" her female voice trailed off. I immediately grew to bond with her. "Huh?!!" She said I new my eyes glowed black a black tattoo was printed onto her soft greyish skin. "Master" I said...

Tune in next time for chapter two

I'm Kidding LOLZ


"So you're a Pheonix?!" Dama Gris (lady Grey) exclaimed "heh yep see that mark on your arm?" I asked by know we were in her house "yeah"  "I have bonded to you, DamaGris"   "Please Gazi llargia call me Niña" "yes master Niña" she laughed. "Dama Gris! Dinner!" Her mum said. My tummy growled "sorry Gazi llargia I Got to go  I'll get you some food what would you like?" "Any thing I don't mind " I smiled

DamaGris POV
I walked down the carpeted stairs to a nicely lit room. I could smell the delicious savoury smell of chicken wafting around. I sat down and ate. "Hood off at the table my mum said sternly. I lifted of my black hood and as if time slowed my hair flew in a surreal wind. I ate in silence hoping Gazi llargia was ok "niña are you ok?" I heard Gazi llargia's voice in my head. At first I was about to freak out but reasoning with myself I realised she was using telepathy..

Tune in next time for chapter two!
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