Five Nights at Freddy's - Tips & Tricks (First game)

Struggling on a night? Want to know some neat tricks? Well, guess what? Let me save you the trouble of searching the wikia!

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Chapter 2.

Night 1

The first night is your tutorial night. The first thing, like every night, is that you receive a call from "Phone Guy". He explains to you how the game works, and that you need to do the following:

Keep a frequent check on the cameras
Close the doors "only if absolutely necessary"
Try to conserve power

But the most important thing, which everyone knows: Survive.

The phone call lasts until 2AM, the phone call including:

Introductory greetings from the company
Animatronics like to wander
How they see you after hours
What they do if they see you after hours

Then 2AM comes, and the call ends. You check the camera on the show stage right?
It's out of instinct. Everyone does it. They want to make sure they're prepared for when the animatronics start towards them.
Now, it's either late 2AM, or 3AM, that Bonnie (the purple bunny animatronic) will move from the stage.
Bonnie's first instinct is to head backstage, where on the camera you see a Freddy Fazbear suit.
That's the spare suit you will be stuffed in if you are jumpscared by the animatronics. Got it?

Now, about late 3AM or 4AM, Bonnie will be soon in the west hallway (Cam 2A) making his way to your office.
If you're unlucky, he will also arrive at the door.
But be warned: If you can't see Bonnie on the cameras, he will be at the door (left side), but if you're too late to realise that in time to close the door...
Game over.

Late 4AM or 5AM, Chica (the yellow chicken animatronic) will move from her spot. The most she will move to though is the restroom.

See, night 1 is easy. A piece of cake.
The animatronics do their least harm on night 1...
But night 2 is really where you need to sharpen your senses.
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Comments (5)

I needed this...even if it's just night one...yup. I'm that bad at the game.
I honestly forgot about this XD
on July 14, 2017
on July 14, 2017
on July 14, 2017
Add night 2, 3, 4 & 5!
on June 22, 2016
This really helped me. I'm so bad at the game that I die on night 1. LOL.
on June 01, 2015